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we know websites

about us

We are a team of designers and developers.
We craft websites. It's that simple.

Many people may think, oh you build websites? That's perhaps the easiest level of programming.

Maybe. But we don't think so. Website design and development are more complex, more personal than that. Designing and programming for the web is perhaps one of the closest things you can do to directly affects people's lives. Without web developers, there would be no Google, no Amazon, no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram. Think about that. Think about a world without anything to connect people. When you live in a world that's so connected, it's difficult to think of living any place without these connections.

We create assets
and opportunities

By connecting people, we create business chances, sales leads, perhaps even meetings of a life time. We don't take designing and developing website slightly, we do it with a passion.

We connect

We connect person to person. We connect businesses to clients. We find the person, the business's brand identies, transform them to a design that can give the visitors the best impression of that person, business. We bring the world closer, day by day, person by person, business by business.

We want to empower
everyone for the web

Nilead was found with this vision in mind. Everything we do, every product we build, every service we offer, is to empower you to the web. We want to connect you to the world.

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