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Do you want to increase traffic and get more sales?
The average website conversion rate is 2.35%, yet the top 25% are converting at 5.31% or higher.
Are you efficiently converting website visitors into leads & sales?

Of course, you want more traffic and sales. Who doesn't?

The REAL question is: how do you get more traffic and increase conversion?

Most Digital Agencies offer Website services as one-off projects:

The website is designed, developed, delivered and handed over.

The website is not monitored, maintained, and improved for high conversion.

Website design & content get outdated and useless for site visitors.

You will waste money again on another website after a few years.

Most businesses waste time and resources on their websites because they cannot get sufficient Returns On Investment.
We take a different approach and use Continuous Website Improvement to help you make the best out of your website.

Today market is a crowded and highly competitive field, with small companies fighting tooth and nail to attract the attention of would-be customers. The reality is: people spend as much as 30% of their time online (yes, we actually spend 5-7h every single day online). Having a website (and social media presence) is no longer an option, but a necessity for businesses. However, just being online is not enough, businesses have to actively reach out to potential buyers with Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is marketing through electronic devices and digital channels. Digital marketing can and should be done both online and offline. It's essential to combine both online and offline marketing activities to maximize the result of your marketing effort.

There are 7 main categories of Digital Marketing:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine marketing (SEM)

Content marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

Affiliate marketing

Email marketing

With so many things to run, you need proper strategy and tools to help you run a successful Digital Marketing Campaign, that's where Nilead's services and products come into help.

What we can do for your business

We can work with you to create a Digital Marketing strategy that grows with your business.

  1. Bespoke Website Design. We take a scientific, conversion centric approach to first understand your business and your target audience, then we help you to create a custom design website that actually connects with your potential buyers and speak for your brand.
  2. Powerful Digital Platform. All our websites are created on our Nilead Digital Platform that provides built-in Content Management System, eCommerce, Customer Relationship Management, Social Media Integration, and many other tools to help you succeed online.
  3. Affordable Management Service. Once your website is launched, our Website Management Service is an incredible deal to help you keep your website responsive, updated and always fresh with useful contents for your visitors.
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you want visitors to your site via Search Engines such as Google, Bing, you need to optimize your site to rank top for the most profitable keywords, we can help you to get there.
  5. Search Engine Marketing. SEO is a long term process. Sometimes you need to quickly get your brand in front of your potential customers, or just to push a sales campaign that will next week. We can help you to run effective ads campaigns.

Are you satisfied with the performance of your current website?

Are you ready for growth? We can help you to actually generate sales and improve your online revenue

Just take a look at one of our projects:

Nilead content management and digital marketing platform.


26 conversions on the last month
2.60% conversion rate on the last month
+2.05% average conversion improvement each month
279 conversions in total
2.60% highest conversion rate this year
+24.7% in comparison with previous year


82 conversions on the last month
5.50% conversion rate on the last month
+14.01% average conversion improvement each month
642 conversions in total
5.50% highest conversion rate this year
+168.2% in comparison with previous year

With the average order of $200 USD, this business got at least $70,000 increase in revenue.

Yes, we doubled their conversion and here is why: Once the website is launched, we continue to work with them with our Website Management, SEO and SEM service. We keep on monitoring users' behaviors on the site and optimize the conversion week by week. Here is the result:

Normal website approach

High pressure to get it right the first time
One-off model leads to decision block and hesitancy which increase cost.

Unmaintained, unmonitored websites
Normal business websites are not actively monitored nor maintained.

Outdated and unoptimized content
Most businesses never update the content on their websites after launch.

Continuous website approach

Plenty of chances to analyze and improve
Continuous model allows gradual improvement through analysis and adjustments.

Actively maintained, monitored website
Websites are actively managed for performance and conversion.

Fresh and up-to-dated content
Content are measured for performance and updated to improve conversion and ranking.

Here is how you can take advantage of our approach

Our approach requires that you completely change the way how you treat your website & digital marketing.

  1. You need to make a commitment. Although we will do a lot of things for you, we need you to commit your time (at least 2h/week) and resources to work with us toward the success of your online strategy.
  2. You need to rethink website. Website is never a one-off project. You need to think of it as a growing being that needs constant care, monitoring and improvement. We will help you to experiment and improve your website continuously.

You will get with our service:

High conversion website
We will thoroughly research and analyze your business, industry and target audience to craft the best possible website with focus on high conversion tactics.
Monthly conversion report
We will monitor your website traffic, conversion rate, users behaviors and report key highlights and improvement advices for you.
Continuous website improvement
Using collected information, we will implement changes on the website structure, design, and content to improve your website conversion rate and traffic.
Internal SEO improvement
We will monitor your website for possible issues that may affect your Search Ranking and pro-actively fix them for you before they can damage your results.
Digital strategy consulting
We will help you make a Digital Marketing Strategy plan and advise you what to do on each step to reach your targeted goals.
Risk free guaranty
We are confident that our approach can help you, so we break our payment timeline into multiple parts that are tied to Key Performance Indicators for each period.

Additional services that we offer:

Advanced SEO improvement
We can help you with content strategy & planning, keyword research, link building, copy writing, training & consulting.
Email marketing campaign
We can help you to create and test email designs & content for high conversion, implement tools to support your email marketing.
CRM & Marketing automation
Marketing & sales can take tons of time, we can help you setup automated tasks to save your time while still delivering personalized message to your customers.

Ready for more leads & sales?

Digital Marketing campaign requires time to implement and take effect.

Looking for Website Design & Development only?

If you need only one-time Website Design & Development service for now, we do offer Custom Website Design service that focuses on delivering High Conversion Websites for businesses.