Bespoke Landing Page Solution

From $2,000

Tailor-fit designed landing pages for product launching, promotion, marketing campaigns.


Bespoke design & features for your needs.


Optimized for conversion.


Optimized for search engines.


Integrated chats, forms and popups.


Integrated with built-in CRM & Ticket.


Integrated with Email & SMS marketing.

Hosted & Fully managed

* From 5USD / month for full hosting and technical support.


We create stunning landing pages for high conversion

A landing page is a single web page that is often used to promote an event, service, product, and to collect leads information. It's different from a normal website in that it usually focuses on a single objective to avoid any distraction.

The bespoke package gives us the time and budget we need to analyze your business, your target audience, work on different user flows, test out design ideas, revise and optimized based on feedback. It should be noted that a bespoke project will take a much longer time to complete, require much more commitment on your end, and cost many times more.

Full ownership of your page

You own your domain, you can export data and your full landing page's layout code.

Powerful platform

Your page comes with a no-code visual editor, CRM, automation tools, and more.

Fully-managed services

You can tap into our management services whenever you need a helping hand.

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Get started with a FREE CONSULTING

Book a free video call session with our experts. We will walk you through our process and showcase a demo.

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The journey to craft your bespoke landing page


Free consulting

We will talk to you to understand your business and objectives. The goals and scope of the project will be carefully discovered and defined to ensure the project's success.



Your design will go through multiple iterations using feedback from project stakeholders. The approved design will be coded and thoroughly tested on multiple devices.


Training & Data entry

We will provide a video training session along with all the necessary documents and tutorial videos for you to manage and update your landing page. 


Deployment & Support

We will assist you to point your domain to the new landing page. Free technical support can be reached anytime if you need help.



Free consulting to discover everything that you need

Our experts will ensure that together we cover everything required to achieve your landing page's objective. We will discover business, marketing, and technical requirements and ensure that we can deliver accordingly.

Talk to our specialists

An expert with in-depth knowledge of the specific industry you are in will work with you to assess the project's requirements.

Know exactly what to expect

While it's impossible to present the bespoke design at this stage, we show you examples of similar works with an exact time and cost quotation to avoid any (unpleasant) surprise.



Customization for better user experience and branding

We start each project with a thorough analysis of your business, your industry, your competitors, and your customers. By discovering the real situation and requirements, we can build a customized solution for your needs.

Optimized for your objective

Depending on your exact offering, occasion, and your overall marketing strategy, we customize your landing page design to fit right in your flow.

Equipped with essential tools

We have built-in tools that you can use to collect lead information, answer inquiries, send out personalized & scripted email messages

Take control of your landing page into your own hands



On-board training and data entry for launch

Once your landing page is ready, we will provide a one-on-one training session to get you started. You will also need to input the content, image, videos on your new landing page and we can assist you during the process to make the launch as easy as possible for you.

Provide your own content

We encourage you to provide your own content since you know your business better. If you need a helping hand, you can utilize our content creation service.

Take control of your page

You will be able to change anything you want on your site easily with our visual editor. Our training session and on-board videos will get you started in no time.

Integrate with 3rd party tools

We help you integrate the landing page with 3rd party tools such as Google Tag Manager, Typeform, Mailchimp, Zapier, Integromat, Hubspot, Facebook Messenger, ...



Launching, management & technical support

Your landing page is now ready for the world. We will help you to make sure it is accessible to its target audience. Our technical support team will be ready to help you with any issue you have during the launch and operation of the landing page.

A helping hand when you need

Whenever you need help with a specific feature or run into an issue, our ticket and chat support team will be ready to help sort things out for you asap.

Pay only for what you use

A landing page is often needed only during a marketing campaign. You can terminate the hosting package whenever you want and export all the contact information you collected.

Secure, fast, and reliable hosting

We keep the website running fast for your target audience with regular backups and up-to-date software security patches. Focus on your business and leave the technical headache to us.


A few highlighted features that can help your business


Click-To-Change Editor

Visual editor to update content and layout

Your marketing and content team can easily update any content and design aspect of the landing page without waiting and begging the IT team.

The visual editor is click-to-change which won't take more than a few minutes to get started and can save you hours of training and struggling.



Design & features optimized for better conversion

We have gone through all the time-consuming steps to implement and integrate the most essential tools for you. 

You will be delighted to find out that your website also comes with a built-in ticket support system, customer relationship management system, content management system, and more to come.



A landing page is just a part of the whole campaign

You may need to integrate your landing page with various marketing tools such as Google Tag Manager, Mailchimp, Typeform, Zapier, Integromat,...etc. 

We understand the need and we have the necessary tools and experience to help you integrate with any 3rd party system you need.



A landing page is constantly evolving to meet new expectations

A/B testing, users' feedback, new business requirements are a few factors that force a landing page to adapt and change for the better.

Our lego-like builder system allows us to efficiently assist you in this quest to constantly tweak your landing page. You can do the changes yourself with our visual editor or get an expert to help you with our management service.

Start today with FREE CONSULTING

Talk to our experts, check our template demo, try our management platform. You don't have to pay anything before the project is officially started.

One time setup fee

From $2,000

What's Included

Bespoke design & features.


Optimized for conversions.


Optimized for search engines.


Integrated chats, forms and popups.


Integrated with built-in CRM & Ticket.


Integrated with Email & SMS marketing.

Website Hosting

Starts at 5USD / month

We host your website, ensure its uptime, security, stability. You have complete access and control of your data.

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-  Unlimited bandwidth. 

-  Security and stability updates.

-  New features update every month.

-  Unlimited technical support.

-  Data backup every 24h.