Web design workflow

Website design workflow

A website project is not only a work of art, it's a carefully crafted product customized for the exact purposes of the website owner. For that reason, we have to thoroughly collect user stories and define actions and goals. From ideas to wireframes, from designs and actual code, every step of the website design process requires the utmost attention to details and high level of cooperation of both the creative team and the project owner.

At any point during the web design process, new issues and requirements may emerge, it's important that we can quickly react to these changes and adjust the project's scope if necessary. We find most projects to have at least one or two changes that divert from the original scope and our work process has been adjusted to be both predictable and adaptive to changes.
define project's scope

discuss project´s requirements
  • What is the purpose of the project?
  • What do we want to achieve?
  • What problem are we trying to solve?
  • What are the goals?
based on the above information, discuss
  • Essential features and key elements
  • Design inspiration if any
  • System architecture
It's important for us to thoroughly understand the client's goals and purposes for the website as our job is not only to design and develop the site but also to consult the client on how to maximize the Return on Investment.
draft and sign contract

The terms and conditions to ensure both parties understand the requirements and level of cooperation necessary to finish the project timely and successfully.

It's also possible that the contract can be terminated for certain reason, we will make sure to include these exit terms in the contract to ensure the client can stop the project if necessary.

Our team starts researching for ideas and inspiration and cooperate with the client to discuss the best solution for the project. There are usually more than one solutions for the given requirements, and our job is to assist the client in choosing the better solution given the resource and other restrictions of the project.

Our design team will start working on their magic to deliver:
  1. Wireframe (generic layout arrangement)
  2. Mockup (more detailed design based on approved wireframe)
  3. Revisions and changes till we hit the desired goal
Face-to-face sessions with decision makers and stake holders are essential for us to complete this step. UI and UX testing sessions with selected groups of users can be held to validate and improve the design.
design and sign off

Once the design is finalized, we will have a final demo session to review all the details we have. Any additional change is encouraged to happen at this point, any change to the design after this stage may incur additional work-hour and thus may affect the total cost of the project.

Our development team starts transforming the approved design and project requirements into working application. Various testing sessions will occur at the end of the development stage to ensure the quality of the final work.

Tested final work will be deployed to the server at our the data center, ready for real-live usage. We will continue working on fixing any issue reported to us during this period .

The website design and development project is completed. Control of the backend admin and documentation are handed over to the customer. On-site training sessions can be held according to the details and requirements set in the project's contract.

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider we take care of all hosting, backup, maintenance and security patches for the website. New features and updates are added to the system will also be made available to all current customers as soon as they are available.

From our experience, a website project is never a one time work. There will be things to change, new emerging issues to fix, fresh contents to update. Our Website management packages can help you to keep your website always fresh and optimized. Our team will always be ready to assist you with all the things you need to effectively grow your online business.

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