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When you partner with Nilead you work with real people, see real results, and get transparent pricing. You always know exactly where your money goes and what you get. The cost of SEO services varies depending on what is included. Below you will find the cost of running SEO campaigns for keywords with under 1 million results, if you have keywords that return more than 1 million results, please do not hesitate to contact us for a price quote.

$750 Monthly
$1500 Monthly
Initial Campaign Investment (2 months duration) (?) (***) 1000 – 1500 USD/month 3000 – 3500 USD/month
Number of keyphrases optimized (?) Up to 30
(keyphrases with less than 500k results)
Up to 80
(keyphrases with less than 1 million results)
Keyphrases guaranteed on 1st page results of Google or INITIAL PAYMENT BACK (***)
Note: 1 Year commitment
4 10
Keyphrases research (?) (***)
Online project management (?)
Dedicated account representative
Keyword reporting schedule (?) Quarterly Monthly
Traffic & goal reporting schedule (?) Quarterly Monthly
Analysis tools setup (?) (***)
Creation of Google Data Studio custom dashboards (?) Up to 2 dashboards Up to 4 dashboards
Website analysis & reporting (?)
Website usability analysis (?)
Website design analysis (?) (***)
Meta tags (Title & description) (?)
Header Tags Optimization (?)
Image optimization (alternative text) (?)
Schema markup setup (?)
Google data highlights (?)
Optimization of robots.txt & GoogleBot crawls (?)
Website sitemap setup (?)
Google My Business profile setup & optimization (?)
Local search optimization (?)
Universal SEO (Video, Maps, Images, News) (?)
Quarterly content assets links or long form/skyscraper content assets 1 link or content asset 3 links or content assets
Initial link analysis and disavow (?)
Link redirect audit (?)
Link reclamation (?)
Canonicalization analysis & domain unification (?)
Internal linking optimization (?)
Linkable content promotion (?)
Custom 404 error page setup (?)
Initial copywriting articles or blog posts (?) Up to 5 pages Up to 10 pages
Quarterly web page content freshness update (?)
Duplicate content analysis (?)
User Tracking (?)
We generally focus on providing SEO services for our clients who utilize our Nilead Digital Publishing Platform. Our platform is integrated with many plugins and other third party services that allow us to:
  • Effectively configure all SEO aspects of a website
  • Optimize code and speed for multiple devices
  • Conform to industry standards for SEO friendly websites
  • Manage automated posting on Social Media and various Publishing Platforms
  • Track users' interaction and optimize the site for better conversion
  • (*) Initial campaign: During the first 2 months, we have to spend time to keywords research, content planning, major website reviews and setup to get the site ready for SEO. All types of errors and possible issues should be solved before we start attracting traffic to the site. For websites that are designed and developed by us from the start, we always optimize the code during the development phase so the initial investment will be generally less.
    During the initial 2-month campaign you do NOT have to pay the normal progressive fee. The montly progressive SEO fee is only applied from the third month onward.
  • (*) Keyphrases research: the core of Search Engine Optimization is researching the right keywords to rank for. We will work with you to discover potential keywords, compare with the ones your competitors are ranking for, and propose the most profitable keywords to target.
  • (*) Keyphrases guaranteed: Depending on the plan you choose, we will guarantee that at least a fixed number of keywords will reach the first page on Google's search result (top 10). Please note that this guaranty requires a 1 year commitment to the plan. If we cannot reach the target after 1 year, we can either refund the cost for the corresponding keywords (for example, if we guarantee 4 keywords and we miss 1 we will return you 25% of the cost) or we can continue optimizing your website for the specific keywords at no additional cost until we reach the desired result. Please note that the Initial Campaign Investment will not be refunded.
  • (*) Analysis tool setup: Search Engine Optimization is not only for traffic; we need to increase the percentage of visitors who come to your website that actually turn into leads and customers. To do that, we need to properly setup the tools to track the users interactions with your website and measure the success of what we do.
  • (*) Website design analysis: We strictly follow the Scientific Custom Website Design Approach that focuses on Best Conversion Practices through careful research. However, there are always exceptions to the general rules, and there are always chances for improvement; to optimize the website conversion rate our team will review your website periodically to spot abnormality in users' interactions on the site and apply fixes to obtain better results.


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