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Powerful website platform to build and grow your business

Website Builder, Content Management, Customer Management, and eCommerce System


A solid website platform for business

Are you losing opportunities because you cannot update your website as easily as you want to? 

Are you juggling different tasks to manage your team, collect lead information, respond to customers' inquiries, and track deals? There are many tools out there but the cost of integrating all these tools and the learning curve can be intimidating.

Nilead Platform offers the most essential tools you need to grow your online business efficiently.

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1. For Business Owners

Get a unique, stunning website built just for your business within a few days. Grow your online empire with all the tools you need to manage your content, interact with customers, create and track deals and orders.

2. For Marketers

Integrate paid ads campaigns, and create lead collection forms with no coding skills. Boost performance with built-in CRM, ticket support, email marking, and automation system.

3. For Designers

Create new website and email design elements to sell directly on our market place. Build new landing pages and websites for your clients without touching any code.

4. For Developers

Collaborate with designers, develop useful plugins and widgets to sell directly on our market place. Speed up your project by quickly creating functional prototypes.


Lets skip all the tech jargons and see the benefits for your business

Stunning website

You get professional websites built specifically for you for a fraction of the normal time and cost. Then you get the tools to easily update your site, add new changes, and test new ideas.


All-in-one platform

You get all the quintessential productive tools to scale up your online empire. These tools help you update your site easily, collect and manage lead information, automate mundane tasks and more.


Fully managed

You get a fast running, secured, and reliable website that meets the latest search engines and legal requirements. We take care of this daunting task so you can focus on your business.


Custom services

You get a system with a nice balance between having full control and utilizing experts' help. You can do everything yourself with provided tools and documents, or you can render our professional services when you need.


Craft designs that impress and convert

Nilead platform has a low-code website builder with a huge library of ready-made design elements and industry-specific templates.

You get unique, stunning websites built efficiently utilizing an ever-growing library of elements with the ability to customize everything.

You can reach customers on various devices (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop), browsers, and operating systems with a consistent look and feel.

Your website loads faster for your users and ranks higher on search result pages thanks to our best design practices and latest technologies.

You can update anything on your site without coding or bring your own custom code when you really want to have complete control.


Built-in tools to grow your online business

With Nilead Platform, you can rapidly implement new business ideas, run marketing campaigns, develop relationships with customers, and much more.

You can save time learning, and training your team to update your website with our intuitive click-to-change visual editor.

You can track leads, automate followups and run email campaigns to drive sales, and keep in touch with your customers.

You can collaborate internally or with freelancers efficiently to with project management and internal chat system.

You can start listing and selling products, services, and bookings with our powerful eCommerce System.


A helping hand when you need it

We offer management, customization, search-engine-optimization, content marketing, and other services to grow your business.

You can work with our business analysts who have experience in Digital Marketing for various industries to build and implement a sound digital plan.

You can save time and cut costs by having our professional team update your content and layout, prepare landing pages for your promotion, setup code for your campaigns.

You can choose from our flexible hourly, monthly, quarterly, and custom project design, development, and packages to fit your budget and requirements.

You can work with our growing network of local partners that provide extra digital services such as content writing, photography, and more.


Customize the system to fit your needs

We are willing and capable of customizing the system to fit your exact business requirements.

You can utilize our dynamic content structure and our API to shape and build your data and content the exact way you need it.

You can have us integrate your website with various other systems including but not limited to ERP, HR, CRM, Ecommerce, Scheduling, etc...

You can request new features that are useful for your business. we take feature requests seriously and constantly release free feature updates.

You can hire us to work on customized features that are unique to your business and needed to be done as soon as possible.


A few highlighted features that can help your business



Low-code visual editor to build and update layouts

You can build your websites, landing pages, email layouts from scratch, or get ready made widgets from our marketplace. You can also get our professional team to do it for you so you can get up and running as soon as possible. 

Your marketing and content team can start working on the website after a few minutes of training, no more waiting and begging IT teams to change simple things.



A good website needs to show up on search result

Content is King, but speed and other search optimization can help you come on top of your competitors who spend the same effort on content. We dedicate a huge amount of effort to keeping the platform up-to-date with the latest changes and best practice requirements in search.

All images are optimized and lazyloaded when necessary, meta tags can be easily updated. Robots, Sitemap, Canonical links, Redirection, Search Schema tools are built in.



A CRM that is deeply integrated into your website

Every successful business knows that they need to nurture a healthy and long-lasting relationship with its customers. Salesforce and Hubspot are cool and powerful yet expensive. 

You don't have to pay an arm and a leg or waste countless hours trying to integrate with external tools. Nilead comes with built-in contact management tied in with deal pipeline management, email marketing, ticket support, and simple automation tools.



eCommerce features to sell your products & services online

While we are not Shopify and don't aim to be, we provide essential features for eCommerce. If you need a simple website to sell your products without having to pay an extra fee for any sales you make, Nilead has everything you need and a bit more. 

We have built-in support for multiple languages, multiple currencies, multiple warehouse inventory, multiple tax rules, multiple invoices per order, flexible (localized) payment gateways.


Book a free video call session with us to see our platform capabilities. We will walk you through the main features of our platform and show how you can utilize these features for your business.

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