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Nilead platform consists of the 2 main components: Nilead Content Management System and Nilead Design Tools. The Nilead Platform is what makes us stand apart from other Web Agencies, it enables us to provide efficient, affordable solution for Website Design and Development. Built on modern technologies with extendability in mind, the Nilead Platform empowers you with powerful tools to manage your websites, run marketing campaigns, and much more.

Nilead website content management system (CMS)

content management system (CMS)

Unlike other platforms, Nilead CMS allows us to deliver the ultimate customized Administration Tools. Based on each project exact requirements we can tweak the CMS to give the users the most intuitive User Interface to manage the website contents. Each website is delivered with built-in documentation written for the specific website to make it easy for anyone to learn how to manage the site.

Nilead Extension entities
extensions system

One of the building blocks of Nilead Platform, the Extension System allows us to build custom dynamic entities that for each specific website.

Almost everything in Nilead can be extended, including but not limited to product, content, order, and user to add additional properties and functions. Utilizing this extension system gives our team the power to create truly tailor-fit features and and work flow that integrates well with the requirements of each business.

Nilead ecommerce platform

Ecommerce covers any online business ranging from product retailing to hotel book, service subscription.

Nilead platform has built-in ecommerce component with all the essential ecommerce features that allows businesses to quickly start making profit online. Our years of experience working in various ecommerce projects, coupled with with our powerful and adaptive system allow us to quickly develop and advanced feature for businesses that need custom ecommerce functions.

Nilead search engine optimization tools
seo tools

Search Engine Optimization is perhaps the most important tasks for any website manager. Nilead CMS provides all the necessary tools you need to improve your website ranking and ensure you can be ranked on top of search engine results page with your targeted keywords.

Our tools give you the power to do 301 redirection, create sitemap (automatically and custom), edit robots.txt, customize header meta tags for each web page. We are also working hard to bring many new features such as Google Breadcrumb and Google Schema native support to all our websites.

Nilead takes SEO seriously, and we are committed to constantly updating and bringing the latest tools and technologies to our system. As our client, you will have access to all these tools as soon as they become available on the system.

Nilead website design tools

design tool

Nilead Design tool is super powerful. It's our core building block, together with the Extension System it gives us the power to quickly create any website layout and customize it to fit our purpose. With access to the Design Tool, you will be able to control web styles, layout and many things on your website intituively.

Nilead intuitive design tool
what you see is what you get

Utilizing the powerful design tool, you can edit various part of your website directly without touching any code. This feature allows you to save time on training, management and daily usage.

Nilead CMS and design tools together give you everything you need to manage every single part of your website.

Nilead full website management service
Control your own website

Ever want to change to background color of a section on your homepage, adding a border to highlight an important form, or perhaps changing the link hover effect? Nilead gives you the power to do all that without ever touching a line of code. Customize your website, style it to your heart's content.

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