Digital Marketing Platform & Service

More free time, less hassle

Fully-serviced Website Builder & Management

Edit your site visually, automatically save lead information into built-in CRM, provide ticket support. 


Business owners

Save time, cut cost, get access to our reliable, fast-turnaround support service.

Marketing team

Take control, make changes and launch new campaigns without IT help.

Sales team

Manage leads and deals with CRM, ticket support, and automation systems.

Design team

Customize design, add amazing effects without any coding skills.
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1. Save time & cost

Your team won't have to go through hours of training to start using the system. Our built-in tools will also save your time & headache trying to integrate different tools.

2. Launch faster

Need to launch a campaign tomorrow? You can import a pre-built landing page and finish setting it up and running within today.

3. Smooth update

Wordpress has tons of plugins that are not always updated and well-integrated with each other. Nilead ensures that all platform updates are rolled out automatically without affecting your site.

4. Security included

Security patches are automatically applied across the system. Data access is strictly limited to ensure your privacy and security.

Things you can do with Nilead

A powerful platform to manage your website without any coding skills.

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Multiple languages

Make your website accessible to visitors around the world. No plugin required.

Edit Visually

Make the changes you want instantly without relying on dev team.

Dynamic Data

Customize data structure to fit your business and design's requirements.

Craft animation

Add stunning animation effects without coding skills.

Bring your own code

Embed your custom HTML, CSS, and Javascript. 

Import/Export data

Mass import/export data including image & video media files.

Widget marketplace

Beautiful, ready-to-use, low-cost widgets and layouts.

Powerful Search

Default integration with the powerful ElasticSearch engine.


Optimized for search engines



Fully customize your SEO meta tags

Enable and disable any tags you want. Set up the system to auto-generate tags based on your content. 

You can also add your own custom header/footer code to add custom schema, tags, or javascript.



Take control of your sitemap

Decide which pages to include in your auto-generated sitemap, or create and upload your own custom sitemap. 

Take full control of your Robots.txt file to optimize the index rules for urls on your website.



Add custom rules to redirect your users

Ensure that your visitors do not get lost if they visit removed links on your website.

Create custom short, easy-to-remember links such as yoursite.com/summer-sales to use in marketing and sales campaigns.

clean code


Clean, semantic code

Nilead platform generates clean, semantic code that satisfies Search Engine requirements.

Our CSS is powered by TailwindCSS which enables easy adoption and migration when you want to export code to use elsewhere.

Attract visitors, convert leads, and make sales.

Nilead is built with essential tools to grow your online business.


CRM System

Manage your contacts, take notes, view past activities, communicate via emails, and more.

Ticket support system

Assign customers' requests to your team, manage response time and satisfaction.

Deal pipeline

Manage deals, forecast revenue, and monitor the performance of your sakes team.

Manage tasks

Create and monitor internal tasks to avoid missing deadlines and customer follow-ups.


Get the work done professionally by an expert

Our management services allow you to tap into our pool of talents and specialists to help your business grow on the digital front.

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1. Pay for what you use

Purchase non-expiring, fully refundable support credits to get help from our experts for any type of task you need.

2. Know the cost upfront

Upon receiving your request, we will confirm with you the exact amount of credits required upfront so you can have the final decision to utilize the service or not.

3. Reliable inhouse services

Our service team is composed of professional designers, developers, SEO experts with in-depth knowledge of Nilead Platform. We get things done for you efficiently and professionally.


Book a free session to phone, chat, or video call with us to find out what we can help you with. 

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