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Full Management Services Full Management Services

We offer Full Management & Maintenance Services to help you manage your digital content, run online marketing campaigns and improve your conversion rate.

88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.

Packages We Offer

Buy our support hours in bulk monthly and use these hours on creating landing pages, keeping your website fresh, attractive, and more.


$ 99 99 $

4 h / month of support
For start-up businesses or websites with small management requirements

$ 299 299 $

14 h / month of support
For medium size businesses and websites needing SEO optimization and layout arrangements

$ 499 499 $

24 h / month of support
For large size businesses and websites needing constant layout and content management

marketing & managements
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Ondemand Design & Development services
Use these support hours to ask us to do Design, Development, Marketing tasks on your website for you. These tasks can be: Content Management such as adding a new article, Graphic design such as creating new banners or graphic elements, improving the quality of certain images, and Search Engine Optimization such as checking internal SEO issues and more. Once you subscribe to any of the Website Management Package below, you will get instant access to our team of expert designers and developers.
image re-touch
Includes changes like Resize Image / Crop Image / Color Correction / Levels Balance / Basic Photoshop Effects.
Nilead image retouch before example Original Image
Nilead image retouch after example
Retouched Image:
  • Color Correction (Tone/Saturation, Gamma Correction),
  • Levels Balance (White Balance, Curve, Adjust Exposition),
  • Image Resizing and Basic Photoshop Effects (Sharpen)
Includes designs of Banners / Avatars / Post / Ads for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google +.
Nilead facebook banner design example

We can create multiple versions of each banner-ads for different social media networks following the official guidelines. Below are some examples of what we can create:

  • Facebook: We can help you to create custom graphic for your account profile and post contents, ranging from your facebook Profile Image to Cover Photo, Posts, Facebook Ads and Banners. We ensure all generated graphics follow Facebook´s standard requirements such as image size, resolution, color profile and format.

    Nilead design management facebook guidelines
  • Twitter: We can help you to design your Profile Photo, Header, In-stream photo and Twitter Cards (which you can use attach rich photos, videos and media experience to Tweets and drive traffic to your website). We ensure that everything posted will follow Twitter´s requirements for perfect display.

    Nilead design management twitter guidelines
basic content management
Includes changes like Remove / Add / Edit content on the website.
Basic Web Style Changes
Includes style updates such as Change Text Background Color or Image / Font Change or Edit / Margin-Padding and Border.
Nilead content management and basic style changes for website before example Original website page
Nilead content management and basic style changes for website after example
Website with some Basic Content Management & Basic Web Style Changes
Nilead content management and basic style changes for website example

seo report

We periodically scan your websites for internal and external issues, and send you reports and suggestions that help you to improve your website's ranking on Search Engines listings.
For Lead Management customer, we can proactively help you to fix Internal SEO issues that can hinder your website's ranking.

Nilead seo report for website example

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We offer custom fit website design, development, management and promotion services and software. No matter how small or big your business is, we will have a solution that fits your requirements. Contact us today to schedule an online session to discuss your project.