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Managing your website content can be a full-time job, why not outsourcing that to a capable team?

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Get the work done professionally by an expert

While Nilead Platform is powerful enough to allow you to fully manage your website by yourself, these tasks can take precious time out of your busy schedule. Our editorial team can take your requests for content updates and apply them to your website while maintaining best SEO practices and consistency.

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1. Streamline Operations and Reduce Overhead

Typically, businesses allocate website content management to an already overburdened team member. Outsourcing this task to a specialized expert enhances productivity by allowing your team to focus on core responsibilities.

2. Consistent Content Updates

Frequent delays in updating website content due to busy schedules can negatively affect your site's freshness and search engine rankings. Our prompt content update service ensures timely modifications, keeping your website current.

3. Predictable Update Timelines

Our service plans come with a guaranteed turnaround time. Regardless of the plan selected, updates will be completed within the agreed timeframe. We'll notify you in advance of any potential delays due to holidays or high demand, ensuring smoother planning

4. High-Quality, Compliant Services

Our editorial team is proficient with the platform and collaborates closely with you to ensure that new content adheres to SEO standards and aligns seamlessly with your existing website style.


Things we can help you achieve with our services

The following list is meant for reference and does not include everything we can do for you. Please feel free to contact our support if you have any questions.

Static content updates

Change icons / images / logo

Change text content

To adjust font-weight, font-size

Dynamic content updates

Add/edit/update content (single)

Batch add/edit/update content (multiple)*

Note: you will have to send us new data in proper format (CSV) which we will give you an example with instructions. Complex batch updates may be spread into several days.

*Only included on Nilead Premium plan

Style Changes

Change general text style

To adjust overall text style within the site, e.g all H1 font-size

Change typography

To replace current typography (font) with another

Change specific text style

To adjust font-weight, font-size

Change general color style

To adjust overall colors within the site

Change specific element color

Layout Changes

Arrange section order

Add/replace section

Note: additional charged may be applied if you want to use a commercial widget on our marketplace

Add new banner

Single or multiple images banner

Add new content section

i.e. CTA, form, gallery, FAQ, etc.

Add new group of items section

For services, articles, products listing, etc

Clone page

Note: creating new page using the exact same layout as one of the current pages

Add page from template*

Add a new page using existing template design

Note: additional charge may be applied if you want to use a commercial widget on our marketplace.

*Only included on Nilead Premium plan

Build new page*

Create a completely new page layout

Note: additional charge may be applied if you want to use a commercial widget on our marketplace.

*Only included on Nilead Premium plan

Data Entry

Client provides all text / image / video content

Update content section

Update banner / slider

Add article*

Note: Longer articles may take more time

*Only included on Nilead Premium plan

Update image / video

Note: Up to 5 per request

Switch default language*

Switch default language to a new one.

*Only included on Nilead Premium plan

3rd Party Integration

Client provides the necessary information and code for the integration

Embed tracking code

Embed Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, and other marketing code.

Embed live chat

Embed live chat code such as Crisp, Facebook Messenger, Botstar.

Embed CRM code

Embed CRM code such as HubSpot, Salesforce, and other CRM code.

Integrate with automation system*

Integrate forms and other internal data and events with automation systems such as Integromat, Zapier

*Only included on Nilead Premium plan

FAQs and answers


Can I cancel my subscription?

The short answer is Yes. If you cancel your subscription, you will get a refund for the rounded-down remaining months. For example, if you purchased a 3-month plan and are at month 1.5, you will get a refund equivalent to one month of service.


Can I request updates on different sites?

You can request updates for as many sites as you want, as long as they are all on Nilead Platform. You should be aware that the limit on the number of requests we process applies to ALL requests on ALL sites.


Is there a limit on the number of requests?

There is no limit to the number of requests, but please note that only one request will be processed at a time for the basic plan. If you have many requests for updates and want us to process them faster, you can upgrade to other plans. You can prioritize your requests so that we can spend our energy on the more important ones first.


How do I submit content update requests?

You will receive a special link and email address for submitting your request. If you encounter a problem, our support team is available via live chat and ticket support to assist you.

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