Frequently asked questions about Nilead

1. Are you a website design agency, or a website builder provider?

We are all of that and more. We specialize in helping businesses to succeed with Digital Marketing by offering Custom Website Design, Website Development, Website Management, SEO, SEM services built upon our Digital Publishing Platform. What set us apart is our rigorous approach to Digital Marketing that results in exceptional works, our proprietary Software As A Service (SaaS) Platform that help marketers to maximize productivity and bring the fun back to work.

2. What is hosted website solution? Do you offer any other alternative option?

A website needs a host (a dedicated computer with internet connection and necessary softwares) to operate. All our websites are hosted on our global data centers. By hosting all the websites on our own infrastructure, we can do all the hosting, security and maintenance work for you. Our tech teams monitor your website 24/7/365 to ensure that all issues if any will be taken care of before you even notice. Sleep tight at night knowing that your online presence is in good hands.

At anytime you decide to move to another service, we will give you a copy of all the necessary files (html, css, js, images, database etc, ...) without any extra charge. Please note that our system also includes many awesome features such as the built-in Content Management System, Customer Relationship Management, Ticket system, eCommerce system etc,... which cannot be included in the exported package.

3. Is there any kind of long term contract I need to sign with you guys? Is there any cancellation fee?

No long term contract, no cancellation fee at all. Pay for each month you stay with us or pay annually to save, you can cancel anytime. If you paid for a whole 1 year or 2 years to get our special discounts, you will be refunded the total amount less your fee up to the date you cancel.

4. Do you really mean that you will fix my site any time?

Yes, we really do mean that. We believe that your service should be available all the time, and we actively monitor our system around the clock to ensure that. Things happen, but at least you can be sure that when they happen there are people who are working hard to fix the issues.

5. How about Website Management Service, why do I need that?

Yes we do have a built-in Content Management System (CMS) for you to edit your website. However, after years working with various businesses, we find that this can be the source of frustration for many business owners.

You have so many things to do, we want to help you take one thing off the list. Our management service fee is very reasonable, and we can help you formatting and putting a new articles up, retouching a set of images for you new portfolio, adding a banner for your upcoming sales, going all out on Red for XMas season,... Our Website Management Service can also help you to do things that cannot be done within the CMS such as adding a new page, modifying any content on the site, etc... Let us help you to save your time for your family, friends, and concentrate on your work.