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We provide quality, pay-as-you-go services via a simple credit system. You can purchase these credits and redeem them whenever you want. 

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10 Credit Unit(s)

No extra Nilead Credits

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50 Credit Unit(s)

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100 Credit Unit(s)

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Get the work done professionally by an expert

While Nilead Platform is powerful enough to allow you to fully manage your website by yourself, these tasks can take precious time out of your busy schedule. Our management services allow you to tap into our pool of talents and specialists to help your business grow on the digital front.

website design grow up

1. Cut cost and headache

Hiring an in-house web developer+designer expert to manage your website full time can be a huge investment (both time and cost) which may not make business sense if you cannot utilize 100% of his/her time.

2. Pay for what you use

Your credits will never expire, so you can use them whenever you need a helping hand, and only for what you need. Certainly, an expert's skills and experience go a long way when you need to change some major design elements or features.

3. Know the cost upfront

Upon receiving your request, we will confirm with you the exact amount of credits required upfront so you can have the final decision to utilize the service or not.

4. Quality and reliable services

The service team is composed of professional designers, developers, SEO experts, and business analysts with years of experience working on digital products and in-depth knowledge of Nilead Platform. We get things done for you efficiently and professionally.


Things we can help you achieve with our services

The following list is meant for reference and does not include everything we can do for you. Please feel free to contact our support if you have any questions.

Reminder: Our system is designed to allow doing all these things with little coding skills, you can do most if not ALL services listed below yourself. The purpose of these services is to help you make the best use of your time and resources and our expertise. The credit amount is estimated (sometimes the same change will affect more elements on one website than another). We will give you the exact number upon receiving your request.

Timing: We will start working on tasks approved by you within 1 business day. Small tasks (less than 10 credits) should be completed within the same day while bigger tasks may take longer. Certain peak periods such as pre-holiday seasons may delay tasks. You can request rush tasks (150% fee during business days and 200% fee during holidays).

Style Changes

Change icons / logo

1 Credit(s)

Change specific text style

1 Credit(s)

To adjust font-weight, font-size

Change general text style

2+ Credit(s)

To adjust overall text style within the site, e.g all H1 font-size

Note: depending on how many design elements will be effected throughout the site, we will calculate the amount of credit need.

Change typography

2+ Credit(s)

To replace current typography (font) with another

Note: depending on how many design elements will be effected throughout the site, we will calculate the amount of credit need.

Change text color

1 Credit(s)

Change specific element color

1 Credit(s)

Change general color style

2+ Credit(s)

To adjust overall colors within the site

Layout Changes

Arrange section order

1 Credit(s)

Add/replace section

2+ Credit(s)

Note: additional charged may be applied if you want to use a commercial widget on our marketplace

Add new banner

2+ Credit(s)

Add new content section

2+ Credit(s)

Add new group of items section

2+ Credit(s)

For services, articles, products listing, etc

Clone page

2+ Credit(s)

Note: creating new page using the exact same layout as one of the current pages

Add page from template

2+ Credit(s)

Add a new page using existing template design

Note: additional charge may be applied if you want to use a commercial widget on our marketplace.

Build new page

48+ Credit(s)

Create a completely new page layout

Note: additional charge may be applied if you want to use a commercial widget on our marketplace.

Data Entry

Client provides all text / image / video content

Update content section

1+ Credit(s)

Update banner / slider

1+ Credit(s)

To adjust font-weight, font-size

Add article

3+ Credit(s)

The estimated is per ~ 1000 words, with 3-4 images, and basic SEO setup

Update image / video

1 Credit(s)

Note: Up to 5 per request

Switch default language

5+ Credit(s)

Switch default language to a new one.

Note: additional charge may be applied if you need to migrate all your old urls.

3rd Party Integration

Client provides the necessary information and code for the integration

Embed tracking code

1+ Credit(s)

Embed Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, and other marketing code.

Embed live chat

1+ Credit(s)

Embed live chat code such as Crisp, Facebook Messenger, Botstar.

Embed CRM code

1+ Credit(s)

Embed CRM code such as HubSpot, Salesforce, and other CRM code.

Integrate with automation system

5+ Credit(s)

Integrate forms and other internal data and events with automation systems such as Integromat, Zapier.

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Monthly Management Service

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