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All our websites are hosted and maintained on our data centers. Depending on your requirements, we can setup the website at a data center closest to your target audience to ensure best loading speed.

$10 Monthly
$35 Monthly
$175 Monthly
Total items * 500 3000 15000
Staffs 2 10 unlimited
Backup (every) 24h 12h 1h
Forum support
Faceted search
Ticket support
Priority support
We provide only hosted solution for all our websites, it's essential to use our hosting service for all websites developed on our Nilead platform.
  • (*) Total items: We limit the maximum number of total items including but not limited to products, contents, categories, entities you may have. You can purchase additional storage for $1O USD/500 items/month.
  • (*) Faceted search: Advanced search that allows items filtering via various conditions. This feature is usualy essential for complex ecommerce websites.
  • (*) FREE SSL: We provide free SSL certificates via https://letsencrypt.org. SSL encryption allows your website content to be securely transmitted to end-users.

Web hosting packages explanation

Website data items/entities
To make each element, product, blog post etc,... on your website to editable, we store them in database as items or entities. Lets take a basic blog post website for example, each post will be counted as an item. Since these items are stored in the database it takes the server resources for storage and processing.
Each hosting package has a generous limit of items, which will be more than enough for you 99% of the time. If you ever find yourself needing to increase this limit, you can purchase additional storage for $10 USD per 500 items per month.
Website hosting packages comparison
Unless you need very specific features or have tons of products/articles/blog posts, the most basic web hosting service will be enough for you. As your business grows, you may want to purchase the bigger package to take advantage of the advanced features and extra functions.


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