Website Template Solution

From $1,500

Professional designed, conversion-optimized websites for every industry and purpose.


Ready to launch as soon as you want.


Customized to specific needs.


Optimized for search engines.


Integrated chats, forms and popups.


Integrated with built-in CRM & Ticket.


Integrated with Email & SMS marketing

Hosted & Fully managed

* From 15USD / month for full hosting, and technical support.


We create stunning websites for specific industry

Your business deserves a website that can draw visitors, create interests, instill trust, and bring in new customers. 

With template solution, we offer a fast, low-cost, professional option while still making sure that each one is well thought-out by analyzing each industry (and sub-industries) thoroughly. We also split each template into elements such as banner, gallery, form, .... that can be easily moved around or swapped out. This allows us to further customize each website to make it fit your unique business.

Full ownership of your site

You own your domain, you can export your data (including but not limited to any captured lead's data), and your full landing page's layout code.

Powerful platform

Your site is powered by Nilead Platform which has a no-code visual editor, customer relationship management, automation tools, and more.

Fully-managed services

You can tap into our management services whenever you need a helping hand from our designers, developers, content writers, and SEO experts.

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Book a free video call session with our experts. We will walk you through our process and showcase a demo.

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Get your website in 4 simple steps in less than 2 weeks


Free consulting

We will chat, video call, or meet you in person when possible to understand your business and objectives. If we can work with you toward a solution fit for your specific needs, we will calculate the exact cost and time to see if we can reach an agreement.


Development & Customization

We will customize the layout according to the agreement, ensure that it meets all expectations, and perform great on all devices. Basic SEO will be set up and 3rd party integrations will be smoothed out.


Training & Data entry

We will provide a one-on-one training session along with all the necessary documents for you to manage and update your website. We can assist you with the initial batch of data entry if you have all the necessary text, images, and videos ready.


Deployment & Support

We will assist you to point your domain or sub-domain to the new website whenever you are ready. Technical support can be reached anytime to provide further help and support that you need to run your site smoothly and succesfully.



Free consulting to discover everything that you need

Our experts will ensure that together we cover everything required to achieve your landing page's objective. No one likes a (bad) surprise and at the end of the consulting session you will know exactly what your landing page will look like, how it will function, and the exact time and cost for it.

Talk to the right people

When you contact us, an expert with in-depth knowledge of the specific industry you are in will get in touch with you.

Save time and money

We do in-depth research per industry so each template solution we offer is built with your target audience and your goals in mind.

Know exactly what to expect

We will present you with the exact layout of your website, along with a demo of the management platform. There will be no guesswork involved.



Customization for better user experience and branding

Our website builder allows us to create, move, and swap elements with little effort. We use this to ensure the landing page fits your brand, your purpose to ensure the best user experience. We will also help to set up the essential SEO tags, analysis and marketing code integrations that you need.

A non-generic template approach

The problem with template websites is that they look very "templating" with unclear user flows. We create industry-specific, goal-centric templates with the ability to tweak and tune easily to match your brand message and objective.

Non-tech friendly solution

Your teams can edit any content, form, and design with little technical skill requirements. The usual friction between your in-house IT support and other teams will be gone because you won't need IT guys to manage your website.

Equipped with essential tools

For most websites, you will want to keep the visitors staying on your site longer, collect lead information, answer inquiries, send out personalized & scripted email messages. We have you covered by providing all the essential tools to achieve those goals.

Take control of your landing page into your own hands



On-board training and data entry for launch

Once your website is ready, we will provide a one-on-one training session to get you started. You will also need to input the content, image, videos on your new site and we can assist you during the process to make the launch as easy as possible for you.

Provide your own content

We encourage you to provide your own content since you know your business better. If you need a helping hand, you can utilize our content creation service.

Take control of your website

You will be able to change anything you want on your site easily with our visual editor. Our training session and on-board videos will get you started in no time.

Integrate with 3rd party tools

We help you integrate your website with 3rd party tools such as Google Tag Manager, Typeform, Mailchimp, Zapier, Integromat, Hubspot, Facebook Messenger, ...



Launching, management & technical support

Your website is now ready for the world. We will help you to make sure it is accessible to its target audience. Our technical support team will be ready to help you with any issue you have during the launch and operation of the website.

A helping hand when you need

Whenever you need help with a specific feature or run into an issue, our ticket and chat support team will be ready to help sort things out for you asap.

Pay only for what you use

There are many advanced and additional features that not all websites need. You can pick and choose what you want to use and remove these features whenever you want.

Secure, fast, and reliable hosting

We keep the website running fast for your target audience with regular backups and up-to-date software security patches. Focus on your business and leave the technical headache to us.


A few highlighted features that can help your business


Click-To-Change Editor

Visual editor to update content and layout

Your marketing and content team can easily update any content and design aspect of the landing page without waiting and begging the IT team.

The visual editor is click-to-change which won't take more than a few minutes to get started and can save you hours of training and struggling.



Design & features optimized for better conversion

We have gone through all the time-consuming steps to come up with the best designs for each industry and purpose. 

You will be delighted to find out that your website also comes with a built-in ticket support system, customer relationship management system, content management system, and more. You can start instantly without spending extra time (and cost) to integrate with these essential tools.



Your website is the central hub of your marketing effort

You may need to integrate your landing page with various marketing tools such as Google Tag Manager, Mailchimp, Typeform, Zapier, Integromat,...etc. 

We understand the need and we have the necessary tools and experience to help you integrate with any 3rd party system you need.



A website is constantly evolving to meet new expectations

A/B testing, users' feedback, new business requirements are a few factors that force a website to adapt and change for the better. 

Our lego-like builder system allows us to efficiently assist you in this quest to constantly tweak your website. You can do the changes yourself with our visual editor or get an expert to help you with our management service.

Start today with FREE CONSULTING

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One time setup fee

From $1,500

What's Included

Ready to launch as soon as you want.


Customized to specific needs.


Optimized for search engines.


Integrated chats, forms and popups.


Integrated with built-in CRM & Ticket.


Integrated with Email & SMS marketing.

Website Hosting

Starts at 15USD / month

We host your website, ensure its uptime, security, stability. You have complete access and control of your data.

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-  Unlimited bandwidth.

-  Security and stability updates.

-  New features update every month.

-  Unlimited technical support.

-  Data backup every 24h.