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websites to improve your current site or get new ideas. Check some free sample sitemaps and user-flows that you can use for your website.


A visually appealing website attracts attention and captures leads

The most important thing is to have a website designed professionally for your target audience, not a piece of artwork.

A real estate transaction is a high-dollar business opportunity. You can lose $1,000s or $10,000s by missing even a single opportunity. You need SEO (and paid ads) to drive traffic to your website, but you will also need good UI/UX design to maximize your conversion rate (the percentage of visitors who become leads).

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1. Impress at first sight

Instead of pursuing flash and high-tech design, focus on usability. Impress your visitors with a user-centric design and useful features that bring added value.

2. Keep things easy to find

Visitors to real estate websites expect an engaging user experience with easy navigation. They typically find clustered, confusing menus and broken links instead. Make it easy for your users to find information on your site.

3. Nurture your relationships

Keep your content fresh, your list regularly updated, and your visual content appealing. By establishing yourself as a reliable source for information, you'll most likely attract more new and returning visitors.

4. Embrace new technologies

Videos, Virtual Reality, and Online Booking are just some of the new technologies that greatly enhance the customer experience. If you list many properties, consider adding an advanced search feature to help your visitors quickly find what they want.


A few useful tips that can help your website

Use high quality photos and videos

Your visitors may not be able to visit the listed properties right away, so you can help by providing high-quality photos and videos. If you can afford it, consider adding 3D walkthroughs and Virtual Reality tours as well.

Offer useful tools to attract visitors

Mortgage calculator, IDX listings, advanced search, price change notification are some features that can be incredibly useful for your customers. These tools can help you get free mentions from other sites as well as collect extra leads.

Have your calls to action

Have clear, standout, consistent calls to action across your website. Show different calls to action depending on the content your visitors are reading. You can also offer valuable information in exchange for contact information.

Have a playbook ready

Buying, selling, renting real estate are big decisions. Over the period of engagement, you should include multiple touchpoints. Create different pages and landing pages on your site to assist you in these touchpoints.

Get listed on local directories

Make sure you are found on local directories. Go first for the free ones such as Google Business, then later target the commercial ones if you can afford them.

Show your social proof

People want to know if they can trust your business. They will want to see the reviews from your customers, the licenses you have, and the associations you are in.


Get FREE sitemaps, userflows, and other tips for Real Estate

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Free consulting

Our experts with experience in the industry will discuss the project objectives with you. If we can work with you toward a solution fit for your specific needs, we will calculate the exact cost and time to see if we can reach an agreement. 


Development & Customization

We will customize the layout according to the agreement, ensure that it meets all expectations, and perform great on all devices. Basic SEO will be set up and 3rd party integrations will be smoothed out.


Training & Data entry

We will provide a one-on-one training session along with all the necessary documents for you to manage and update your website. We can assist you with the initial batch of data entry if you have all the necessary text, images, and videos ready.


Deployment & Support

We will assist you to point your domain or sub-domain to the new website whenever you are ready. Technical support can be reached anytime to provide further help and support that you need to run your campaigns smoothly and succesfully.

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