Helping Pharmascience reach Southeast Asia market


Pharmascience Inc. is a full-service privately owned pharmaceutical company with strong roots in Canada and a growing global reach with product distribution in over 60 countries.
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We partner with Pharmascience to create a public-facing website focusing on their Vietnam based operations. The main goal was to promote and sell the company values, from their background story, quality standards, philosophy to their diverse pharmaceutical products; targeting the patients and healthcare professionals in Vietnam.

  • We design and develop a website for the Vietnamese branch of Pharmascience Inc., following the brand identity and guidelines provided by the headquarters in Canada.
  • Nilead team provided technical training and documents for Pharmascience's team to manage their website.


We took our time to research and understand every aspect of their company, read and view as many information we could possibly find. Our team met Pharmascience´s team at Ho Chi Minh city´s headquarter to get a more personal knowledge with a human touch of the company, based on their personal experience. This helped us to understand better what Pharmascience represents and the image they want to project to their clients.

Pharmascience needed a multi-language and responsive website based on its already established brand identity, but at the same the new website time should stand out by itself and engage with Vietnamese users. To achieve this, we focused on designing an engaging, informative, and easy to use the website for visitors and invested parties seeking information on Vietnamese-based services offered by Pharmascience Inc.

The target audience of this project are the Vietnamese doctors who are using or planning to use Pharmascience\'s products. The goal of this project is to provide useful information regarding the medical products and to establish trust for doctors who need more information before they can recommend Pharmascience\'s products to their patients.


Our work from the design perspective was to connect their aesthetic vision and standards with Vietnam’s users. Pharmascience is already an established company with existing brand guidelines we have to closely follow when we work on the website graphic and typography elements to maintain the integrity of the brand identity. Because the brand guidelines were established for the global environment we had to modify certain elements of the brand identity to be compatible with the Vietnamese culture.


Pharmascience´s website was designed with 12 columns grid layout as a base, this allows a more flexible element arrangement in the design. With this flexible structure, the developers and designer can build a more fluid and detailed responsive version of the desktop version of the site for all major mobile devices.


One of the main goals of Pharmascience was to engage the Vietnamese users, promote and sell the company values. On the basis that 30% of the Vietnamese population are active social media users, we focus in to establish a connection with the site and Pharmascience social media channels.

By including Social Media feeds on the website, the user will be able to check on real-time every Pharmascience’s posts without having to leave the website. We integrate different sections of the website with the most popular social media platform in Vietnam, that way the user will be able to share the content on the site, increasing the brand awareness, traffic and leads for the business.



With the number of smartphones approaching almost 40% of the population of Vietnam, the cheap data plans and the nearly coming 4G, Vietnamese users tend to navigate the internet more through their mobile devices than regular desktop computers. With this in mind, we designed and developed every element of Pharmascience´s website thinking of the mobile user experience. We custom designed the responsive version of the website featuring touch gestures that match the user experience, improving the navigation of the site


The website was designed and developed mainly for doctors who use or may want to use Pharmascience products. These doctors are mostly 40+ year old and thus would prefer a simple, straight forward navigation system. We worked with Pharmascience team to keep the menu as easy and simple as possible while still trying to provide all the necessary information for the users. Having in mind the wide range and amount of content that Pharmascience provides on their website, we designed a search function that elevates the user experience on the site. With a simplified and friendly responsive design, we let the user search the different types of content within the site in the least possible amount of clicks.



"They were willing to hep in every way, developing a professional and beautiful website whichshowcase our company very well. Their ability to develop creative solutions to the functionalityand use experience of our site made for a fantastic en result. I was impressed all around withtheir skills, customer service and attention to detail every step of the way."