Helping Solid Interior to revamp their online presence


Solid Interior is an architectural and interior design office based in HCMC, stands out for delivering business sense, customer needs, compelling experience and reasonable budget in their projects.


Solid Interior is a collaboration project of TheLabSaigon and Nilead. In this project, Nilead took the position of the web technical service provider to implement the new website interface of Solid Interior:

  • We collaborated with TheLabSaigon design team to turns the still design into a working website.
  • We helped TheLabSaigon and Solid's team to work out improvements on the design using our web design experience.
  • Nilead team provided technical training and documents for Solid Interior team to manage their website.

Solid Interior is an interesting project for us, partly due to the open-minded attitude of the Solid team. It was a great experience all around to work with Solid Interior team, they were open to suggestions and received all our recommendations, everything was open for discussion and debate. While it's a particularly challenging project, Solid Interior website project had its moments when our team had to scramble for solutions that can make the website more responsive and user friendly.


We started Solid Interior's project by analyzing the designs created by TheLabSaigon team and researching their current website (at the time). We kicked off the project by meeting the client to learn more about their requirements and goals for the website and presenting our thoughts and suggestions for the design. Before actually doing any coding, we made sure to cover all the design details and worked with the client and the design team to fix all possible issues that can hinder the users' experience while navigating the website.


The design of Solid Interior was done mainly by our partner, TheLabSaigon. After receiving all the design and guidelines from the creative team, Nilead team collaborated with the design team and the client to improve the design making it responsive and user-friendly, creating a general website style that complies with the brand guidelines.

Solid Interior´s website was designed based on a 12 columns grid layout, that allows a more flexible element arrangement. Also, based on this structure the developers and designers can create a more accurate and compelling responsive version of the site for the mobile devices, enhancing the user experience.
solid layouts


One of the main goals for Solid Interior´s website was to showcase the projects and clients they have worked with, allowing the user to see their creativity, experience, and high-end delivery for each project. Based on that we create a portfolio section with a gallery function for each project, where they can upload as many media contents to demonstrate their work. Besides watching the media content and the technical information of the projects, the users can share the projects they like through embedded social media on the page.
solid project video


For the main navigation bar, we created a simple drop down menu in each section, showing to the user the different subpages. With this, we avoid saturating the navigation flow and confuse the user, also allow Solid Interior´s management team to add more subpages in each section without worrying about breaking the design.

The scope and type of projects that Solid works with are very wide, for this reason, we implemented an intuitive and fast sub navigation system in different sections of Solid´s website, making easier for the user to navigate through the pages and subpages within the site.


Promoting and selling the company values was one of the main goals of Solid with this website project. In addition to creating a page with the different projects and clients related to Solid Interior, we develop different sections that explain the Solid´s values and philosophy, the capacities of the company, its work process as well as its members.

Another purpose of Solid project was to showcase not only their new up-to-date brand identity but also their new mindset and work philosophy. Using the company timeline page Solid shows their history, main projects, achievement and growth from the beginning to the present day. Solid allows the users, potential customers, and partners to see their capability and maturity as an architectural and interior design company.


Solid Interior in addition to being an architectural and interior design company, a business, is also a place formed by people with different backgrounds and personalities. These real persons are the responsible for generating ideas, drawing strategies and implementing the best methods to complete each project. Showcasing not only the working process within the company but also the moments of entertainment and social works outside of work as normal individuals gives the visitors a different image of the Solid team.



We conceptually redesigned and upgraded Solid Interior’s website to enhance all types of mobile devices. By adapting the aesthetic and functionality of the desktop version of the site and making it fully responsive through a custom made design and enhanced user experience, we align Solid with the risen demands of the region´s consumers.


"Their extensive experience with both design and development, combined with the passion for their work and their ability to develop creative solutions turned our vision into a reality. I was impressed all around with their skills, customer service and attention to detail."