We created a unique experience that represents Union Square brand


With grandiloquent architecture and a rich historically cultural origin, Union Square will be the first concept luxury shopping mall and home of luxurious and recognized quintessence brands in the heart of Ho Chi Minh downtown.

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For this project, we had the task to create a unique online experience that represents the decadence and luxurious style of Union Square as well as the historical and cultural background. The main goal of this project is to promote the building's values and current partners; targeting high-end luxury brands in order to make then potential partners that want to lease space on the building. In order to achieve this we work on:

  • Research and analysis of business goals, pain points, and target audience.
  • Research on building and location history in order to create a compelling and engaging background history.

  • Design and develop a unique online experience that aligns with Union Square's brand identity and that highlights the decadence and luxury values of the building.



Union Square was being built on a landmark location with a rich historical and cultural background. We saw this as an opportunity to create a story around a renaissance scenario where the past meets the present.

We set on a quest to trace the full history of the location. Our research team did a thorough investigation. We collected information from city archives, libraries and historian files. From the Hôtel des Nations (first building erected on the location) around 1880s to the Eden Complex on 2010, we looked for every photo or testimonial available. With this compelling background, we could imbue the premium and high-end luxury image of the building with a rich story, adding more value to Union Square brand.


Mandarin Oriental Saigon Hotel

Besides being the first concept luxury shopping mall of Ho Chi Minh City, Union Square hosts the first 5-star hotel developed by Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group in Vietnam.

We had the task to create a section that showcases detail information about the partnership between the two brands and the key people involved with the creation of the hotel. For this, we created a slide modal section that provided the user with the necessary information, with this the client could add more information about the project on future stages.

Desktop - Mandarin Oriental section
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Mobile Responsive Designs

Concept Luxury Shopping Mall

As a concept luxury shopping mall Union Square created each of their commercial floors with a unique theme (Luxury Lifestyle Brands Floor, Vietnam's Fine Arts & Craftmanship Floor, Contemporary & Trending Brands Floor, etc.). To create a unique aesthetic for each floor and kept the consistency of the overall layout, we created a design that listed each floor as an individual element. Each floor has its own detail section that was represented by images and color palette correlated to the concept.


Strategy To Achieve The Client's Goals