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Here's what you need to prepare for the best experience


Read through our FAQs

We have created a list of Frequently Asked Questions for everyone who is interested in building (or updating) a website. The questions and answers are intended to assist you in getting a good understanding and making an informed decision.

When you go through the list, make sure to write down the parts that you would like more information about so we can discuss them during our discovery session.


Know clearly what functions/features

Knowing what you want is essential so that we can discuss what we are able to do and what solutions we can offer. A good way to get ideas is to check the website of your competitors and take notes about the elements and features you want on yours.

If your website requires certain complex features, workflows, integration with various other systems, a step-by-step document would be greatly appreciated.


Keep an open mind to hear suggestions

We will provide you with our insight and advice in a professional manner. If we cannot do it, we will tell you as soon as possible and suggest an alternative. If we believe there are better solutions than what you originally wanted, we will propose them for your consideration.

Things to note:


This is not a sales demonstration

We will not attempt to demonstrate our solution before assessing if we are a good fit for you. Our meeting is designed to find out if you need us and if we can work with you. When the answer is yes, we will take you through the process and demonstrate sections of the process and system to address your concerns.


To keep our discovery sessions constructive

Before our meeting, there will be steps to take, the most important one being the pre-discovery session questionnaire. We will send you a short form with a few questions so we can plan for your session. Please make sure you complete them 12 hours before the meeting.

Based on your answers, we will prepare a meeting agenda personalized for you. We will follow this agenda to conduct a logical step-by-step discovery.


We may not always be the best choice for you

Although we are confident about our abilities, service quality, and pricing, we may not be the best option for you. During the meeting, we will try to discover our compatibility early on to save your time.

A decision-maker from your side should attend the meeting; questions regarding timeline, budget and technical requirements will be asked early on to prevent potential surprises. 

In the event that we are not a good fit, we will help to point you towards other directions that you may want to consider.

There are 4 outcomes to the session


We are not a good fit for each other

We will try to discover this early on. If we are not a good match, we will suggest other directions for you to check.


We are a good fit but you need to think

No problem at all, take all the time you need and come back whenever you are ready.


We are a good fit and you are ready

Perfect. We will prepare a contract and invoice. The project starts as soon as the payment is completed.


Your request is a little unique

We will discuss within the team to see if we can deliver. We will send you a follow-up update ASAP.

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