Aug 03, 2021

Best tools to jump-start your Inbound Marketing Campaign

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Best Tools To Jump-Start Your Inbound Marketing Campaign

Email marketing

What for: emails campaigns (and related tools such as email automation, landing page integration)

Both MailChimp and GetResponse are the best tools for their purpose. MailChimp offers a free plan (up to 2000 contacts). GetResponse, on another hand, offers a few more features such as webinar and visual automation.

Task management

What for: Inbound Marketing usually requires pre-planning and collaborating with many people. Trello and Asana are both great for this purpose and can be used with a free plan.

Alternatively, CoSchedule is also a great tool, but it's a bit on the pricey side. However, if you have a large content, it is a great option with many features dedicated for content & marketing scheduling.

Content creation

What for: Content is at the heart of Inbound Marketing, and with the right tools you can create better content. Grammarly is our first go-to tool for written content (English) to check for any spelling and grammar mistake. Its free version works wonder.

Another free tool that we often use is Hemingway Editor, it analyzes the text and give you suggestions to improve readability.

For creating graphic elements, Canva is our recommended tool for non-designers. You may not create great artworks with it, but for simple social media, blog post banners and graphic images, Canva is a great tool.

Keyword research

What for: To know exactly what to write about, and how to write to catch users and search engines' attention, you need to research keywords. UberSuggest is free, simple, and straight-forward.

For more tools and tips, please check our comprehensive article on Keywords Research.

Social publishing

What for: schedule and manage your social media posts and replies at one place. Both Buffer and Hootsuite are great tools and widely used by marketers. Buffer has wonderful support. One time I accidentally forgot to cancel a subscription that I no longer needs and their support team helped me to get a complete refund, no question asked.

Alternatively, If you already use CoSchedule you can manage social media publishing directly inside CoSchedule.

Analytics & Data

What for: collecting users' interaction data, measure your performance, and test out new ideas. Google Analytics is the go-to tool due to its huge set of features and low barrier of entry (free for most common cases). You can also checkout KISSMetrics which is not free. KISSMetrics offers more built-in features that help marketers to get the answer in a quicker and less technical way.

Inbound Platform

What for: utilizing multiple tools at the same time can be a headache even for the best teams. HubSpot, the company that coined the term Inbound Marketing, offers their own Inbound Marketing Platform. It has most of the features required to run a successful Inbound Marketing campaign, the support from the experts, and the huge library of content that can help your team get started fast.

Even if you do not have the budget for HubSpot tools yet, you can take advantage of its free CRM and start integrating it into your website today. You can also check the list of alternative Inbound Marketing Tools that we have curated to get you started quickly and efficiently.

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