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Bird's Nest Website (NestBloom)

Simple and elegant, comfortable, real-product experience

General design

NestBloom is the bird's nest selling business in Singapore. The design of the site is very simple, elegant, and comfortable. Customer experience is enhanced by real-product experience. The website uses images that effectively illustrate the product's differences from its competitors.

What I like:

  • An interactive, engaging way to show off the product

  • Very good photos of the products and process

  • Spacious, negative space to avoid cluttering information

What I don't like:

  • The text size is too small and lacks hierarchy and uniformity

  • Missing clear CTA for calling users to take action (especially for purchasing or moving to the shop page)

  • Menu bar: Quite lackluster and can be easily missed.

Product Experience

What I like:

  • The interaction allows visitors to interact with products virtually (with lots of options)

  • The page-by-page scroll effect keeps the users' interest and entices them to stay go through the story.

What I don't like:

  • No follow-up redirect to any page. The "Buy Now" CTA is too small and difficult to notice.

  • There is no option to scroll back up, and there is no clear indication of the number of steps (so users can know that they need to continue).

  • You need to go to the final step to be able to select a different flavor.

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