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Biscuit Website (La Pierre Qui Tourne)

Clean, smart use of products' photo

General design

La Pierre Qui Tourne is a biscuit website. Sketches and real images are combined to create a unique and visually appealing website. The design focuses mostly on product photos and a brief introduction to the biscuits' products.

What I like:

  • Clean & clear design

  • Smart use of biscuits' photo and hover effect to reveal additional content

  • Sticky NavBar on Nos Biscuits site makes navigation simpler

  • Consistent styles across the pages and graphic elements (including the map)

What I don't like:

  • Small font size makes reading difficult

  • Too little information on Homepage

Hover Effect

What I like: a smooth transition when hovering over biscuits to reveal the product's name.

Sticky NavBar

What I like: the use of the products' icons on the sticky navBar to show the current position when scrolling.

What I don't like: clicking on the specific menu icon does not automatically scroll the window to the specific section.

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