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Construction Website (ACCIONA)

A stunning, high-quality images website

General Design

ACCIONA is a global company that specializes in the construction and management of lasting, sustainable infrastructure. They have a stunning website with sharp images slider right above the fold.

What I like:

  • Classic typography makes it readable.

  • Lots of high-quality images and hover effects to show explanations about each image. This helps the website bring visuals but still provides enough content to users.

  • Outstanding title

  • A big and clean drop-down menu bar including short sentences inside each category help empathize the purpose of each section

  • Enough white space to create a comfortable feeling while reading content

What I don't like:

  • Red color strips with high contrast cause a blinding, uncomfortable feeling when going from white to red strips

  • Unclear CTAs

  • Don't have a navigation button to go back to the top while scrolling. Even the footer doesn't have menu bar links to other main pages

Hero Image

What I like:

  • Smart using of hero images with only headings, not including any further content to emphasize each solution. Users can choose the arrow on it to continue their journey on the website.

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