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Find Office Agency Website (SquareFoot)

Clean and simple typography, lots of white-space

General design

SquareFoot helps growing businesses find office space. Blue tones dominate the design, it has a clear layout, and there is plenty of white space. As a result, it provides a sense of security and comfort. Additionally, the font is simple and highlights the headings easily.

What I like:

  • User-friendly design

  • A good combination of colors: blue, dark blue, light red

  • Simple typography

  • Lots of open-space (comfortable to read)

What I don't like:

  • The menu bar doesn't show enough important sections (they only focus on the "Smart Tools", which may intentional)

  • Some links and buttons miss the hover (mouse-over) effect to let users know they can click/interact.

Office Space Calculator

What I like:

  • A convenient and useful function to estimate office space

  • Instant report and with recommended space saves users' time

  • Direct linking to properties listing makes a pleasant user experience

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