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Roofing Solution Website (BC Roofing Solution)

A simple, clean and clear content website

General Design

BC Roofing Solutions is a construction company, specializing in providing roofing services, based in Colorado. In general, the website looks very clean and the design of the hero images above the fold is very special. They create an impressive first impression, thus easy to make users remember immediately about their business.

What I like:

  • Simple and clean design

  • The headlines are bold to make them outstanding with the images.

  • The logo appears bigger above the fold but becomes smaller when scrolling. This is good for catching users' attention about the brand. However, it does not make users overwhelmed with other sections when going deeper into the website while scrolling.

What I don't like:

  • Testimonials are too meager to convince users about the service

  • The gallery is lacking information about each project and has no CTAs inside this site to push users to take more action.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What I like:

  • The toggle module makes every answer appear individually. They create a sense of short, easy to see the other questions below.

  • Submit box next to FAQ helps the user to immediately raise their question without scrolling, bringing better user experience.

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