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A well constructed website attracts visitors, and triggers actions

Over 700,000 construction companies and home builders have registered in the United States alone. Even your oldest client uses the Internet to check things out.  

Professional, well-designed websites can help your business win more deals and collect more leads. Your online presence should reflect the same quality and specializations your staff conveys on the ground. It will bolster your brand and capabilities at every stage of the process, from the bid to the execution.

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1. Impress at first sight

You have less than 5 seconds to make an impression. Before and after pictures are wonderful ways to showcase your services to potential clients. Promote your business by showing your customers what you do, not just telling them.

2. Differentiate yourself

Be sure to highlight all the different services you can provide and then go into detail. If you provide niche services, make sure to dedicate entire sections or pages to promote them. You can demonstrate your capabilities while increasing your ranking in search engines.

3. Provide social proof

The majority of consumers trust peer recommendations over paid advertising. The fact is, more than half of your potential guests won't reach out without reading reviews. Reviews, ratings, and awards should be proactively collected for your business and displayed prominently on your website.

4. Embrace new technologies

Videos, Online Booking, Live Chat, Video Calls are just some of the new technologies that greatly enhance the online experience and loyalty. Have you considered a friendlier contact & booking flow?


A few useful tips that can help your website

Use high quality photos and videos

You build great things, show them off. Your past projects are an indication of the quality of your work. Don't cram them all in a huge gallery. Organize them into categories, tag them properly, and make it easy for your visitors to find the projects that match their criteria. 

Be active on social media

Connect and interact with your customers as much as possible. Reach out to them via social media. Encourage them to share photos of the work you did for them, along with hashtags related to your brand. Repurpose your content for different formats and audiences. 

Make it easy to get in touch

Give your visitors various options to contact you. Some people may prefer a quick phone call while others may opt for the good old form.

Get listed on local directories

Google Business, Bing Places, Facebook business are free. Are there any other (possibly free) listing directories where you operate? Make sure you get listed.

Build trust from the get-go

Include your license number, contact information, years in business, employee names, certificates and education, and awards. By being legitimate and trustworthy, you show your prospects and clients that they can trust you.

Show off your reviews

Feature your best reviews and ratings on your website. You might consider asking clients for testimonials instead if you don't have a lot of reviews. Information should be displayed prominently and easily accessible.

Show them the benefits

Whether it's potential cost savings, time savings, exceptional quality, quick turnaround, or financing options, show your visitors the benefits of working with you. You can add a simple calculator to your site to help your visitors estimate the savings they may get.

Design for your target audience

Make sure your website attracts your target market if you have one in mind. Choose images, fonts, and before and after photos that reflect the values and style of your ideal client. Your website design should help you to build trust and establish a connection with your target audience.


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Training & Data entry

We will provide a one-on-one training session along with all the necessary documents for you to manage and update your website. We can assist you with the initial batch of data entry if you have all the necessary text, images, and videos ready.


Deployment & Support

We will assist you to point your domain or sub-domain to the new website whenever you are ready. Technical support can be reached anytime to provide further help and support that you need to run your campaigns smoothly and succesfully.

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