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A professional, user-friendly website builds confidence and covert leads

According to an E-Expectations® Trend Report, up to 80 percent of students begin by browsing the website for more information and then complete forms to learn more about programs, admission requirements, and campus life. On your website, you must consider how students will interact with and use the information provided by your college or university.

It takes more than an appealing design to design a website for higher education. To be effective, web design must include a number of elements optimized for your specific audience. Your web design needs to speak directly to your users, providing them with the information they need and establishing your credibility.

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1. Impress at first sight

Choosing a school (or not) can be a very personal and emotional decision. While your website design does not need to be fancy, it should clearly reflect your school's brand, mission, and values. The design of your site should bring your program to life, whether you're a business school or a campus recreation department.

2. Keep things easy to find

University websites can have a great deal of content, and not all of it lends itself to navigation in the same way. There are some pages that should be discovered and consumed through discovery, while others should be accessed via one-click access.  

3. Reach out to international audiences

If you cater to international students, you should make sure your website takes into account the preferences of your target audience.

4. Embrace new technologies

Videos, Virtual Reality, Live Chat, and Online Consulting are just some of the new technologies that greatly enhance user experience. As most students conduct their research online before application, you need to do everything possible to lure them in.


A few useful tips that can help your website

Use high quality photos and videos

People want to see real facilities, staff, students, events. You will have to work with a professional team to capture the best moments at your school.

Make it super easy to visit

Offering online booking, navigation direction, web/mobile app tour assistant can greatly enhance your visitors' experience if they want to visit the campus.

Let your students do the talking

Showing how your students feel about their education via stories and videos allows prospective students and learn about your institution. Real testimonials, especially those from people they know or relate to, can help boost confidence.

Structure your content carefully

As a college, you do have a variety of audiences with different interests. It's important to structure your content wisely, and in various ways, so that users can find what they're looking for on your website.

Provide useful campus experience

Campus life is an important aspect for your students. Providing pictures, videos, live streams, virtual tours, and other helpful media content will allow visitors to experience campus life.

Make your website accessible

Schools are often required to cater to a wide audience, including people with disabilities. During COVID-19, some residential students face other challenges such as slow internet, no devices, limited access which makes learning a challenge.

Simplify your forms to capture leads

During the admissions process, you may need to ask students to submit a great deal of information, but remember that can be stressful. These forms can be broken down into multiple subforms that can be completed step-by-step over a period of time.

Highlight your success stories

Show off a bit. Showcase your accredited programs, certificates, and awards. Profile a student who won a prestigious award. Blog about a scientific breakthrough you made in your lab. 


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Training & Data entry

We will provide a one-on-one training session along with all the necessary documents for you to manage and update your website. We can assist you with the initial batch of data entry if you have all the necessary text, images, and videos ready.


Deployment & Support

We will assist you to point your domain or sub-domain to the new website whenever you are ready. Technical support can be reached anytime to provide further help and support that you need to run your campaigns smoothly and succesfully.

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