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May 21, 2017

How to design a perfect online furniture shopping experience

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design a perfect online furniture shopping experience


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Recently, a renowned furniture company from Vietnam, acclaimed for its upscale Italian brands, approached us with an enticing challenge: to transform their online shopping experience. This article dives deeper into the strategies and insights we garnered, offering a blueprint for enhancing any furniture website.

The Landscape of Online Furniture Shopping

I. Defining Project Goals

Our mission was to weave an online tapestry that radiated the opulence our client's brand was synonymous with.

Understanding Client Needs

Through meticulous consultations, we unearthed:

  • The envisioned role of the website.

  • The catalyst behind a digital transformation.

  • Pinpointing their ideal clientele.

  • Decoding the intricacies of user behavior.

[Pro Tip: Engage in open dialogues with your digital partner, ensuring your vision is synchronized.]

Client's Wish List

  • Tailored landing pages for every luxury brand.

  • A layout that spotlights major events and launches.

  • Refined pathways for product discovery.

  • Distinctive management of showrooms and their respective inventories.

II. Delving into Analysis & Crafting an Implementation Strategy

Brand Resonance: Trawling through each brand’s official website imparted unique design nuances. To our surprise, traditional print mediums sometimes held richer inspirations.

Building Bridges of Communication: Direct engagements, either through in-person dialogues or virtual meetings, ensured a seamless understanding.

design a perfect online furniture shopping experience

The initial design we made for the Baldi landing page

After visiting the client's showrooms, however, we felt the design for Baldi was falling short of something, so we came back and did another rough design for the MAXALTO landing page.

design a perfect online furniture shopping experience

How to design a perfect online furniture shopping experience

Shopping by furniture brand

How to design a perfect online furniture shopping website

Shopping by type of furniture

Demystifying Buyer Behavior

Market studies elucidated:

  • Millennial preferences gravitate towards chic, modern designs, with a penchant for standalone pieces.

  • The older demographic finds solace in the timeless allure of classic, opulent furniture sets.

Pioneering Solutions

Adaptive Search Algorithms: A system to guide users towards pieces that accentuate their prior choices.
design a perfect online furniture shopping experience

perfect website online furniture shopping experience

Categorized Shopping: A layout inspired by successful models like IKEA, where products are grouped by utility.

How to design a perfect online furniture shopping experience
Visual Inspiration Boards: Room setups and design inspirations, akin to Houzz.
design a perfect online furniture shopping experience

Personalized Digital Shopping Assistant: Tools enabling users to craft wishlists, annotate preferences, and juxtapose products.

Furniture online website design perfect

How to design a perfect online furniture shopping experience
Architects Project Manager - Dashboard Section - Concept DesignProject Manager Dashboard - Concept Design
Architects Project Manager - Comments Section - Concept Design

Project Manager Comments - Concept Design

Mobilized User Experience: Harnessing platforms like Bootstrap to ensure mobile-responsiveness.

Architects' Digital Workshop: A module simplifying collaborations, inspired by platforms like Trello.

III. The Road Less Traveled: Venturing Beyond the Conventional

As we charted our course, we envisioned a suite of avant-garde features. Here's a glimpse:

Virtual Reality (VR) Showrooms: Leveraging tools like Oculus, we planned immersive VR experiences, allowing users to 'walkthrough' model rooms.

Augmented Reality (AR) Integration: Using platforms such as Apple's ARKit, users could superimpose furniture in their space, visualizing real-time compatibility.

Chatbots & AI Assistants: Considering platforms like IBM's Watson, we wanted to offer 24/7 assistance, answering queries and guiding user choices.

Dynamic Pricing Models: Inspired by airline pricing, this model would adjust prices based on stock, demand, and seasonality.

Unfortunately, due to various constraints, these ideas remained as budding prospects for future endeavors.

Crafting a digital sanctuary for furniture shopping transcends mere visual appeal. It requires an understanding of user journeys, aspirations, and behaviors. Through our multidimensional approach, we not only echoed our client's ethos but also laid the foundation for an evolving digital landscape.

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