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Jan 14, 2020

7 Incredible Tips to Get Your Landing Pages to the Moon in 2020

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Incredible Tips To Get Your Landing Pages To The Moon


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Creating landing pages is an easy task but creating landing pages that will be able to convert your leads into customers is a completely different thing. If you want to have high-converting landing pages, then you need to learn some of the best tips to enhance their performance and grow your business beyond measure.

When you play the game of conversions, landing pages are your best shot to get more customers aboard your business ship.

Creating a landing page can be an easy task since the only thing you need is a great landing page builder that will give you all the right elements to put together amazing pages.

However, creating a landing page that will convert your prospects into loyal supporters of your company is a task that requires you to know which elements work better than others.

So if you want to have the best landing pages out there, you need to take into account some of the best landing page practices that a lot of successful businesses are already using to capture their audience’s attention and turn them into their loyal supporters.

1. Leverage The Power of Email Marketing

Emails are one of the most successful channels to communicate with your audience and deliver exceptional email campaigns that will keep them engaged with your company, nurture them and finally convert them.

With an amazing ROI of $55 for every $1 spent on email marketing, businesses have a powerful ally to deliver their messages and expand the growth of their business beyond measure.

Getting started with email marketing can be pretty easy since the only thing you need is your imagination and a great email marketing platform you can find simply by checking out some of the best Constant Contact competitors out there.

So now, what landing pages have to do with email marketing? The answer is pretty much everything!

Due to their nature as standalone pages created for promotion and lead capturing purposes, you have to find the perfect means to show them to your visitors.

As email marketing has true conversion power and amazing open and click-through rates, linking your landing pages to your campaigns will guarantee their success and boost your conversions and ARR.

Here’s a great example from Avast’s email landing page:

2. Let The Navigation Bar Go

Let me tell you a secret: it’s high time you let the navigation bar go.

While navigation links are an essential part of every successful homepage to guide your visitors around your website, using them on your landing page won’t do the trick.

If you want to have high-converting landing pages then you should minimize distractions as much as possible and show your visitors a single-focused CTA that they need to click on.

Especially when you start a new online store and want to attract as many new customers as possible, adding elements that will potentially lead your visitors away from your CTA be bad for your conversion rate and will reduce the performance of your landing page.

Here’s an amazing landing page without a navigation bar from Axis:

landing page-Axis

3. Have a “Super” Hero ShotYour landing pages should be able to stun your visitors at first glance.

One of the things that can help you achieve this is an awesome hero image that will make your landing page more appealing, increasing the chances of your visitors clicking on your call-to-action.

Hero images that are eye-pleasing and to-the-point will direct your visitors to your CTA box and even boost your value proposition since they will highlight the benefits of clicking.

Here’s an example from Rezi’s landing page:

For Rezi, using a hero shot that has warm colors and some friendly faces that look happy are the only things their potential customer needs to see in order to enter their property address and get an instant offer that will lead to conversion.

4. Create CTAs That Stand Out

While your visuals and copy will enhance the success of your landing page and boost your conversion rate, you have to pay extra attention to your CTA button.

After all, if your visitors fail to notice it, then your landing page endeavors will be in vain.

One of the best tips to make your CTA memorable is to use the right color combinations that will attract your visitors’ attention and make it impossible not to click on the box.

Using a red CTA box, for instance, will invoke the feeling of excitement and urgency, while yellow and orange will give them a feeling of warmth that will supercharge your customer lifecycle marketing endeavors.

As color psychology plays a major role in a visitor’s online behavior, using the right colors is of paramount importance for delivering amazing experiences that will convert your prospects.

Here’s an example of a great CTA from Klientboost:

landing page-klientboost

Here, the company takes advantage of the spooky Halloween visuals and the contrasting power of red and green to draw attention to what the visitor will get and the way they can get it.

5. Match Your Landing Pages to Your Ads

Your second secret weapon to promote your landing pages along with your amazing email campaigns is your paid ads.

Paid ads can be a valuable ally to deliver tailored content to your potential customers and promote your landing pages through targeted Facebook ads or Google Ads.

To leverage your ads the right way, though, you need to link them to landing pages that will continue your visitor’s experience by matching the character and aesthetic of your ad.

Here’s an example of Facebook advertising from Vyond:

Landing page-vyond-facebook-ads

6. Social-Proof Everything

According to the definition, “social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation.”

landing page-social-proof

In a marketing context, social proof offers businesses the opportunity to add credibility and trustworthiness to their company by injecting their pages with positive customer reviews, star ratings, number of trusted business or famous existing customers.

For landing pages, social proof can be a true game-changer since it will increase the performance of your page and dissolve any buyer uncertainty.

Using social proof is easy, just take a look at Shopify’s amazing landing page that features the number of their trusted businesses:

landing page-shopify

Since scams and fraudulent products are on the rise, using social proof is absolutely necessary to pass as a credible brand and grow your business beyond measure.

7. Optimize Your Landing Pages for Mobile Devices

In the age of mobile-first users, optimizing your landing pages for mobile devices is one of your top priorities.

If we look at statistics, 5.15 billion people already have a mobile device, meaning that a large percentage of them will potentially interact with your landing pages through their phone or tablet.

As consumers use their phones to search for products/services more often than in the past, brands should focus on having optimized landing pages that will encourage their mobile audience to click on them.

To optimize your landing pages you need to favor simplicity over complexity, presenting the most important information in a linear way instead of presenting them with a cluttered copy of your desktop version.

If you keep that in mind, then you can start optimizing your landing pages for mobile and see your mobile users click on your CTAs happily.

Here’s what a non-optimized landing page vs an optimized one looks like:

landing page-mobile-optimized


Creating landing pages isn’t rocket science; however, if you want to become a landing page pro, then you need to know the best tips and tricks to nail them every single time.

By combining their power with email and social media marketing, omitting the navigation bar, choosing the right visuals and colors, using social-proof, and optimizing them for mobile devices you will be one step closer to mastering the art of converting more prospects into customers with a successful marketing tool.

So, what are you waiting for? Next time you start designing a new landing page for your business, use these tips and rock your way to the top.


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