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Debug and Optimize Your Website With AI - A Beginner's Guide

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For non-technical website owners, the complex processes of debugging errors and optimizing code can seem daunting. However, user-friendly artificial intelligence (AI) tools designed specifically for these tasks have made it possible for beginners to improve their websites' technical aspects through straightforward workflows.

Streamlining Debugging with AI

When errors and issues arise on your site, quick identification and resolution is key to providing a smooth user experience. AI can automate the tedious parts of debugging to allow you to focus on running your business.

Automated Error Detection

DeepCode (great for all users) offers an AI-powered scanning service that can automatically detect bugs, vulnerabilities, and other errors in your code.

Simply upload your source code to the DeepCode platform. Advanced AI algorithms will thoroughly scan the code and provide detailed reports highlighting any areas that need fixing. This allows you to easily identify and resolve errors without time-consuming manual checking.


  • Saves time - No need to manually review code line by line.

  • Improves security - Detects vulnerabilities that could lead to exploits.

  • Broad compatibility - Supports over 25 programming languages.

DeepCode AI Fix recommendations are automatically scanned by Snyk Code to ensure they won’t introduce new issues before they are even shown to the developer.  Devs can quickly review the suggested fix — provided in-line with their code right from the IDE — and adjust if needed.

Real-Time Debugging

Rookout (recommended for tech-savvy users) enables on-the-fly debugging without stopping or restarting your live applications. It allows you to set non-breaking breakpoints to extract data for diagnosing issues as they occur.

Install the Rookout SDK, set breakpoints directly within your IDE code editor, and access debugging data in real-time as the application runs. The AI engine will isolate only the relevant info needed.


  • No downtime - Debug live apps with zero overhead.

  • Faster fixes - Issues can be pinpointed and resolved quickly.

  • Reduced risks - Fix bugs without impacting end-users.

AI-Powered Code Optimization

Optimizing your codebase results in better performance, lower resource usage, and improved efficiency. But for beginners, knowing where and how to optimize can be a challenge. AI tools automate the optimization process to enhance your code quality.

Intelligent Code Refactoring

Sourcery (great for python developers) analyzes your Python code using advanced AI algorithms to provide suggestions that will improve structure, security, performance, and more.

Install the Sourcery plugin in your IDE. As you write code, it will automatically suggest potential refactors to streamline and optimize your codebase.


  • Cleaner code - Fixes messy or redundant code.

  • Easy upgrades - Supports migration to newer Python versions.

  • Catches bugs - Identifies potential sources of errors.

Sourcery analyses and refactors every pull request so that your team only merges highly quality, well-written code.

AI-Powered Hyperparameter Tuning

Tools like Optuna (ideal for ML experts) offer an AI framework to optimize your machine learning models by automatically tuning hyperparameters faster and more efficiently.

Integrate Optuna into your machine learning model code, define the optimization goals, and run to find the best hyperparameters according to your criteria.


  • Faster tuning - Optimizes in a fraction of the time.

  • Improved performance - Finds hyperparameters for better model accuracy.

  • Easy integration - Framework-agnostic and easy to implement.

OPTUNA: A Flexible, Efficient and Scalable Hyperparameter Optimization Framework

Additional Handy AI Tools

  • Tabnine - Generates entire lines of code using machine learning. (good for Intermediate Coders)

  • Zeplin - Translates design mockups into initial code snippets. (useful for Frontend Devs)

Why AI Optimization Matters

Optimizing your website's code quality is crucial for:

  • Better performance - Optimized code runs faster, using fewer resources. Pages will load quicker.

  • Improved security - Fixing vulnerabilities protects your site from attacks and exploits.

  • Higher accessibility - Clean code improves SEO and ensures accessibility standards are met.

  • Easier maintenance - Optimized code is easier for developers to maintain and build upon in the future.

  • Cost savings - Efficient code reduces hosting costs by utilizing fewer computational resources.

Key Takeaways

  • User-friendly AI tools can automate complex debugging and optimization tasks for non-technical website owners.

  • AI-powered error scanning quickly detects bugs without manual code reviewing.

  • Real-time debugging allows fixing issues on the fly without downtime.

  • AI code refactoring and hyperparameter tuning streamlines and improves code performance.

  • Optimized code boosts speed, security, SEO, accessibility, efficiency, and maintainability.

With accessible artificial intelligence solutions, debugging and optimization are now within reach for non-developer website owners. The capabilities of AI are sure to continue revolutionizing development tasks, leveling the playing field for tech and non-tech users alike.


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