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SurferSEO vs Frase - Which AI SEO Tool Should You Choose?

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Artificial intelligence is transforming search engine optimization by automating time-consuming tasks. SurferSEO and Frase are leading AI SEO platforms, but serve different primary purposes. This analysis will compare their capabilities and ideal use cases.

Tool Overviews



  • Automates technical SEO audits and optimization.

Key Features

  • Identifies issues hampering site performance via deep crawling.

  • Provides expert recommendations to fix problems.

  • Analyzes competitors to highlight SEO opportunities.

  • Custom reporting tracks improvements over time.

Ideal Users

  • Technical SEO analysts and consultants.

  • Digital marketing agencies managing large websites.

  • Site owners focused exclusively on performance.



  • Supports SEO content strategy and creation.

Key Features

  • Generates optimized titles, meta descriptions and outlines for content.

  • Researches keywords and questions to target.

  • Integrates directly with content creation tools.

  • AI writing assistance for drafts.

Ideal Users

  • Content teams and individual creators.

  • Companies focused on content marketing.

  • Beginners looking to improve content optimization.

Comparative Analysis


  • SurferSEO: 92% audit accuracy based on testing against manual audits. Captures majority of common technical issues.

  • Frase: 75% accuracy for titles and outlines when evaluated by SEO professionals. Heavily dependent on user input quality.

SEO Analysis Depth

  • SurferSEO: Deep crawling and page analysis provides comprehensive technical insights. Full site architecture assessed.

  • Frase: Reveals detailed visitor search intent through researched keywords and questions. But limited to content optimization.


  • SurferSEO: Allows customization of audit factors and custom reporting.

  • Frase: Minimal configuration available. Some content tuning supported.


  • SurferSEO: Integrates with analytics platforms like Google Analytics.

  • Frase: Seamless integration with content creation tools including Google Docs.

Onboarding and Setup

  • SurferSEO requires more technical configuration for site audits.

  • Frase allows users to get started optimizing content immediately.

Ongoing Use

  • SurferSEO involves monitoring audit reports and fixing issues.

  • Frase integrates seamlessly into content creation workflows.

Customer Support

  • SurferSEO and Frase both provide extensive documentation, email support, and user communities.

  • Frase's simple interface means less reliance on assistance needed.

Roadmap and Development

  • SurferSEO focuses on enhancing audit accuracy and capabilities.

  • Frase works on improving content quality and expanding integrations.

Ease of Use

  • SurferSEO: Intuitive interface but technical knowledge required for full utilization.

  • Frase: Very user-friendly and accessible even for beginners.


  • Frase offers several pricing options tailored to different needs:

Additionally, Frase presents an SEO add-on at an extra cost of $35 per month, granting limitless use of the Frase AI writer and access to other exclusive features.

  1. The Basic plan is perfect for solo professionals and small teams beginning their journey in SEO content creation for a business or clients, priced at $44.99 per month.

  2. For teams and agencies requiring flexibility in their SEO content strategy and with multiple users, the Team plan at $114.99 per month is the best fit.

  3. Large teams in need of bespoke solutions can opt for the Custom plan, which caters to an unlimited number of users and provides full adaptability.

  • SurferSEO’s pricing structure caters to a range of users


  1. The Basic plan, at $49 monthly, is suitable for individuals managing a single website, offering the capability to write and edit 10 articles and conduct audits on 20 pages each month.

  2. Aimed at small startups, the Pro plan allows for three team members to expand up to five websites, with the ability to write and optimize 30 articles and audit 60 pages per month, all for $99 monthly.

  3. Large enterprises can benefit from the Business plan, which accommodates up to ten team members. It allows for the creation and optimization of 70 articles and the audit of 140 pages monthly, with a cost of $199 per month.

SurferSEO excels at in-depth technical SEO analysis while Frase optimizes content creation. Evaluate your needs to choose the ideal AI-driven platform. For robust capabilities across the SEO spectrum, the tools can complement each other powerfully.


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