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Wix ADI vs WordPress AI Designer vs Canva - Which is the Best AI Website Design Tool?

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Building a visually appealing website used to require either learning complex design software or hiring experienced developers. But artificial intelligence (AI) has opened up professional-grade web design to entrepreneurs and small businesses. Wix ADI, WordPress AI Designer and Canva allow practically anyone to create beautiful websites, no coding required! We compare these leading platforms across key criteria to reveal the best AI website design tool based on your goals, skills and budget.

Tool Overviews



  • Automated website design creation

  • Generates complete, customized designs tailored to business


  • Analyzes user input about business type, industry, style preferences

  • Access to extensive template and asset library

  • Minimal design input required from user

  • Tight integration with Wix website builder

Target Users

  • Small business owners, entrepreneurs

  • Users with no website design experience

  • Those seeking quick website creation

WordPress AI Designer


  • AI-powered design plugin for WordPress

  • Creates tailored website designs by analyzing existing site content


  • Allows customizing suggested designs - fonts, colors, layouts

  • Developed by Automattic, makers of WordPress

  • Seamless integration as a native plugin

Target Users

  • WordPress website owners

  • Bloggers, content creators using WordPress

  • Seeking design created from existing content

Wix ADI and WordPress AI Designer are the easiest to use for beginners with no design experience. Wix ADI requires only business inputs to create full website designs. WordPress AI Designer generates designs based on existing content. Canva has a more involved learning process but provides detailed tutorials.



  • Graphic design platform with AI templates

  • Design tools for visual assets - images, headers, posts


  • Drag-and-drop editor with fonts, illustrations, icons

  • Photo editing and enhancement

  • Designs optimized for web, social media

  • Integration to embed designs in websites

Target Users

  • Need for high-quality visual designs

  • Creating individual website assets

  • Non-designers seeking accessible graphic design

Comparative Analysis


The tools are compared across the following key parameters:

  • Usability

  • Customization

  • Output Quality

  • Integrations

  • Pricing

  • Feature Set

Quantitative and qualitative assessment is done for each parameter.


Ease of Use

Ease of use is evaluated based on:

  • Learning curve for new users measured by time take to create first design

  • Number of clicks and steps required for basic design creation

  • Need for design expertise

Wix ADI requires the least design input with users only providing business details. It has the shortest learning period of less than 1 hour.

WordPress AI Designer has a slightly steeper learning curve of 1-2 hours. It needs content and assets to be provided.

Canva has the longest learning curve of 2-3 weeks to get familiar with the features. Design expertise is beneficial.

This infographic compares the ease of use of Wix ADI, WordPress AI Designer, and Canva, highlighting their learning curves, the steps involved in design creation, and the required level of design expertise.

Assistance Resources

  • Wix ADI provides limited documentation as it is designed to be intuitive.

  • WordPress AI Designer has detailed documentation.

  • Canva provides the most extensive learning resources including tutorials, courses, and a community forum.


Modification Capabilities

  • Wix ADI: Allows only minor modifications like changing colors, rearranging sections. Limited control.

  • WordPress AI Designer: Majority of elements like colors, fonts, layouts can be edited after initial design creation.

  • Canva: Complete control over each element as they need to be assembled manually. Fully customizable.

Ease of Changes

  • Wix ADI: Minor changes can be made directly in the editor, but revisions require regenerating the design.

  • WordPress AI Designer: Customizations done through the plugin dashboard and instantly reflected in the design.

  • Canva: Easy drag-and-drop functionality to modify individual components.

A visual comparison of the customization options available in Wix ADI, WordPress AI Designer, and Canva, illustrating the degree of control and flexibility each tool offers in modifying design elements.

Output Quality

  • Wix ADI produces high-quality, cohesive website designs tailored to business objectives.

  • WordPress AI Designer depends on the quality of provided content and assets. Variable output.

  • Canva excels at creating visually appealing graphic elements optimized for digital use.


  • Wix ADI seamlessly integrates with the Wix site editor.

  • WordPress AI Designer natively plugs into WordPress as a plugin.

  • Canva offers integrations with Wix, WordPress, and other platforms to embed designs.


Wix ADI and WordPress AI Designer require paid subscriptions while Canva offers a free version.


Free Version

Paid Version

Starting Price





WordPress AI Designer






Additional features


To summarize, Canva is optimal for easily creating visual assets while Wix ADI allows rapidly launching full website designs. WordPress AI Designer strikes a balance between control and simplicity for WordPress users. The parameters analyzed here should guide your tool selection as per project needs.


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