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Staff account

When you have several people accessing your Nilead admin, it is a good idea to have separate accounts for each of them. That way, you can set staff account permissions and let other people access to your Nilead admin without giving them access to sensitive information.

NOTE The number of staff accounts available is unlimited but it will be counted toward your total usage.

Having individual staff accounts can also help you keep track of recent changes and events on your store's Timeline.

Only the account owner can create and delete staff accounts. Users with full admin access can modify other staff accounts. Staff members cannot edit the store owner's account. The account owner also has additional access to billing information and subscription changes.

Staff members can access their accounts with their own passwords and set their account details independently of the account owner. After you create a staff account, you can also set permissions and control what parts of the admin the staff member can access.

Staff account management

To manage staff account, on your Nilead admin, open the Quick Menu and search for Staff.

quick menu - staff - Nilead Platform

staff - Nilead platform

Add & Update staff account

Make sure that you logged in as the account owner. As the account owner, you can add accounts for your staff members.

  1. Click Create icon to add new staff account, or click on an existing staff account to edit.

  2. Enter account information for the staff account.

update staff account

Click Save once you are done.

Delete staff account

Make sure that you logged in as the account owner.

  1. Click the checkbox next to each existing staff account to mark the entries you want to delete.

  2. Select the Bulk delete from the Bulk Actions dropdown.

delete staff account

Note This action is irreversible.


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