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Setting Site's General Configuration

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Before you start using your website, you'll need to add some basic information about your business. You can leave out the eCommerce-specific details if you do not plan to use eCommerce features.

quick menu - general configuration- Nilead Platform

Site's Logo & Favicon

general configuration - Nilead platform

Site logo

Store logo is used in various places throughout the system such as your login screen.


The icon used for displaying on browser's address bar which will look something like this:


Site's general settings

general configuration - general settings - Nilead platform

Site name

Your online store name is the name your customers will use to find your business.

Auto enable new registered accounts

If you wish customer register as a member without sending confirmation email.

Account Email

The account email is the address that you used when you signed up for Nilead. It's where we'll send your invoices, and where you'll receive order information when you request anything from us.

Site Email

The site email is your customer-facing address. It's where your customers can contact you directly, and it's the address that's associated with the automatic notification emails they receive about their orders.

Your site email's host settings determine what address your customers see as the sender in the automatic notification emails they receive from Nilead. If you want to your own email address to appear, then you might need to update your domain's settings to follow Nilead's best practices. Otherwise, your store's notification emails might appear with a [email protected] email address or be flagged as spam.

Business Country

By specifying your store headquarters location, we can host your site on servers closer to your target audience, allowing it to load faster and more efficiently.


Specify your store timezone allows us to display time-related information correctly for you.

Pagination limit

The maximum number of products/posts/entries that can be displayed per listing page. Currently we do not allow more than 100 items for performance reason.

Ecommerce settings

general configuration - ecommerce - Nilead platform


You can choose which default currency your store uses (for example: USD, EUR, CAD, AUD, JPY)

NOTE You can only choose a currency that is already added to the list of supported currencies.

Display currency

You can set this setting if you want to use a default display currency different from the default store currency you chose above.

Weight & Length Unit

Choose the weight and length unit that is most appropriate for your business. This is just the default value, and can be edited on a product by product basis later on.

Notification Settings

general configuration - notifications - Nilead platform

Activity, daily and weekly notification email template

Select the email template the platform will use to display the notifications content.

Note Email templates are created on the UI editor. For more information please check our UI Editor Getting started guide.

Notification Reminders

Time duration to wait before sending a notification email.


DIscord chat

We're available Monday–Friday, security and critical bug fixes are available 24/7.

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