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Getting started with Nilead Platform

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Getting started with Nilead

Congratulations on choosing Nilead as your Digital Platform. Nilead Platform contains several core components that empower businesses to become more productive and grow efficiently.


The reason behind the platform

Users nowadays expect much more from websites than just information listing, they want to interact with the businesses online to get what they want and they want to be communicated on a personal level. Businesses also need to achieve more on their websites, they want to be able to do online sales, manage customers' relationships, provide online support, and engage in meaningful conversations with customers directly on their websites.

There are many software applications out there but they either offer just a single feature (and thus require additional work to integrate) or offer too much (and thus require a steeper learning curve). With Nilead, we aim to include just the essential features that most small and medium businesses require to succeed online with the 2 goals:

  1. Productivity efficiency

  2. Cost-effective

Nilead Components

Nilead Platform is built to provide a full-suite solution for small and medium businesses to optimize their digital experience and delight customers.

Nilead Visual Editor


Our click-to-edit system gives non-tech users the ability to update website content and design instantly.

Nilead Content Hub (CMS)


Nilead CMS (Content Management System) provides the back-end facilities required for managing your entire website content. We customize our CMS to adapt to the content structure of each website and deliver custom documents for each project.

We have created a document to help you Get Started with Nilead CMS.

Nilead Customer Hub (CRM)


Nilead CRM contains a set of tools to capture contact information, qualify and convert them into leads, personalize and automate conversations, track and manage the sales pipeline.

On top of everything, Nilead Platform comes with the customer's care and support from Nilead team. We can work with you to analyze your business' requirements and develop a tailor-made solution that fits your internal process.

We have created a document to help you Get Started with Nilead CRM.

Nilead Service Hub (Support)

Nilead Support has the tools you need to delight your customers at scale, on a personal level. You can bring your email inboxes and live chat messages into Nilead Conversation inbox, and easily turn them into tickets and notes.

Information submitted via frontend forms can be easily turned into tickets and contacts can be automatically generated for you using the information submitted by your prospects. Nilead Support also offers a complete help desk with built-in automation to help you save time and effort.

We have created a document to help you Get Started with Nilead Support.

Nilead eCommerce


Nilead eCommerce provides the essential features for you to begin tracking inventory, selling products/services, collecting payments, and managing orders directly on your website.

We have created a document to help you Get Started with Nilead Ecommerce.

Hosting & Maintenance

Nilead is provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS). SaaS is sometimes referred to as "on-demand software".

Maintaining a secured and performant website is a lot of work, it requires highly-skilled experts in various areas (hosting, software, system, security, networking, etc...). With the SaaS model, your website and the whole platform that powers your website are hosted and maintained by Nilead on our global data centers. We help you to focus on your business by taking care of these things for you:

  1. Maintenance: we ensure that the platform software, server's operating system, and related pieces of software required to run the website and services are up-to-date with the latest security and stability patches.

  2. Backups: we ensure that your website's code and your data are always backed-up and ready for recovery in cases of disaster or business requirements.

  3. Support: our monthly/annually packages include both hosting and technical support. You can rest assured that there will be someone there to help when things go wrong.

  4. Features: we regularly update our platform to add new features, and these features become available to all our clients. Your website and the platform that powers your website are constantly updated to keep up with technology changes.

  5. Accessibility: we can set up your website closer to your target audience to make it load faster for them. We have data centers in Asia (Singapore, Japan), Europe (Frankfurt, London), and North America (New Jersey, Silicon Valley, Toronto).

There is absolutely no limitation with SaaS, your content team can edit everything they want on the website with the documents we deliver per project. Your SEO team, in case you decide to utilize a 3rd party team, also has all the tools they need for managing and running successful SEO campaigns with our SEO Guide.


A common concern that many clients may have with SaaS services is what happens if the specific service is discontinued for any reason. We understand your valid concern and we make sure that your business can continue growing in the worst-case scenario.

You are not locked in with us. In cases that you would like to migrate to another system, you can request a cancellation of your website at any point. Upon your request we will deliver:

  1. Copy of your current data (SQL format)

  2. Copy of your frontend code (HTML/CSS/JS)

We also have (paid) technical support service to assist your technical team in migrating to another system as per your request. We have 2 articles that may help you:

  1. Migrating to Nilead platform

  2. Migrating from Nilead platform

NOTE When you move your site out of Nilead platform, you will no longer have access to all the features we included for you including CRM, Newsletter, Automation, and such.


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We're available Monday–Friday, security and critical bug fixes are available 24/7.

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