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Understanding and manage tags

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Getting started with Tagging

Tagging is a great way to group relevant content, tags can be added to products, contents, contacts, tickets, tasks and many other things. Entities with identical tags can then be linked together allowing users to search for similar or related entities.

Add new tag via CMS

We have created a video to show you step by step process to add new tag:


  1. Tags are optional but useful way for later searching and filtering your projects.

  2. Tags are use in multiple places within the Nilead Platform, if you want to define different types of tags you can add a prefix of choice. For example, we use w: prefix for our widget tags, so we will have w:layout, w:component, etc,...

  3. Tags can be set to be displayed with distinctive colors for visual aid.

Add new tag via other entities

When you edit products, contents, tickets etc, you will also see that you can select tags for these entities. If you type in new tags they will be automatically created for you. You should still later go to the Tags management to edit the tag color for visual aid.


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