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Updating your website content

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With Nilead, you can easily edit the content and appearance of your website.

Static Content

Static content describes normal content that is created one by one, manually. In website design and development, we often utilize static content for pages such as the Privacy, Terms of Use, About, and some other simple Landing Pages.

Static content is not very practical if you're looking to create a blog or an eCommerce product listing page. Same thing with restaurant menus, news sites, or any other type of site with content that's constantly changing.

Static content must be updated directly/manually via the Visual Editor.

Editing static content is very straightforward, you simply have to click on the content you want to edit and start making changes.


Dynamic Content

Dynamic content allows you to add, update, and import content whenever. And every part of your design linked to that data is built out and updated automatically.

Dynamic content is stored and maintained in the CMS. Any time you create or change content in the CMS, it updates all pages where it's referenced instantly (or sometimes after a few minutes depending on the cache policy).

For instance, with dynamic content, you can create one single layout for all your blog posts. You’ll be able to adjust the layout’s design in 1 location in the Visual Editor — which then updates each Blog post’s design on your site.

Dynamic content can be updated directly via the Visual Editor or the CMS.

Editing dynamic content can be done via the Visual Editor, you can click on the content you want to edit and start making changes.


Alternatively, you can also edit dynamic content via the CMS, you will first need to know which dynamic content (which extension) you are trying to edit first. For example, if you have a list of cards printed out on the homepage and you want to edit them via the CMS, you can first check the Data Provider to see which extension is being used:


After that, you can access CMS of that specific extension via the Quick Menu easily:



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