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The Container Block

In Nilead's platform, we've merged the functionalities of sections, containers, and div blocks into a single, comprehensive element called the Container Block. It's your all-in-one tool to structure, style, and organize content seamlessly.

Getting to Know the Container Block

The Container Block combines the full-width capability of sections, the centered content approach of containers, and the versatility of div blocks. Its flexibility means it can be tailored to fit any role, from grouping other elements together to acting as space dividers or content containers.

How to Work with the Container Block

  1. Adding the Container Block: Insert the Container Block from the Add panel > Layout section. By default, it extends across the full width of the browser, but you can easily adjust its width or center its content, just like you would with traditional div blocks and containers.

  2. Styling the Container Block: Harness the full power of styling with the Container Block. Set backgrounds, drop shadows, margins, and padding, or even nest other Organizer Blocks within one another for intricate designs.

  3. Duplicating & Nesting: Replicate your Container Block with ease using the element menu. Nested Container Blocks can be styled individually, offering layers of design possibilities.

  4. Spacing and Alignment: While the Container Block can be used to create space between elements, we recommend using margins and padding for a cleaner design approach.

Pro Tips:

  • Remember that the Container Block is your go-to for any structural or stylistic need, eliminating the need to juggle between different elements.

  • Container Blocks inherit the properties of the elements they replace, so they're intuitively familiar yet packed with expanded capabilities.

  • You can change the tags of the Container Block (i.e., section, div, header, footer...). This can be useful for semantic structure.


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