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Getting started with Nilead Ecommerce System

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Getting started with Nilead Ecommerce System

With Nilead Ecommerce, you can showcase and sell products and services online, collect payments, manage inventory and shipment.

Before you start selling on Nilead Platform, there are a few things you should get yourself familiar with:


Your products are the goods, digital downloads, services, and gift cards that you sell. If your product has options, like size or color, then you can add a variant for each combination of options.

We have created a document to help you Get Started with Nilead Ecommerce Product.


Understanding the payment process is an important step toward getting paid by your customers. When a customer checks out, they can choose to pay for their order using any of the methods that you've enabled in the Payment providers area.


Understanding the shipping process is an important part of running your business. Before you take your first order, you need to decide what shipping methods you want to use, and then set up your store's shipping so that your customers can choose a delivery method at checkout.


Inventory tracking can help you avoid selling products that have run out of stock, or let you know when you need to order or make more of your product. You can set up inventory tracking, view your inventory, and adjust your inventory counts. You can also view the history of inventory adjustments for products and variants whose inventory is being tracked by Nilead.


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