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An image element acts as a placeholder, allowing you to add images to your canvas. Unlike background images set on elements like container blocks, image elements stand alone.

What You'll Learn:

  • Adding images to Nilead

  • Editing and replacing images

  • Styling techniques for images

  • Importance of alt text

Adding Images to Nilead

Images can be added from the Media Manager

nilead - media manager

Note: Images should not exceed 10MB. Nilead automatically optimizes and creates responsive image variants. For best results, you should still optimize images before uploading.

Using the Media Manager:

  1. Navigate to the Media Manager, located on the top right corner of the platform (next to your user menu).

  2. Select upload tab.

  3. Select the image sub tab.

  4. Drag an image element to the canvas (or click browse).

  5. Click the upload button on the bottom right corner.

  6. To use your image, select the image element, access the configurations tabs, and select your image.

Nilead - media manager

Troubleshooting Image Uploads

If an "upload failed" alert appears, ensure:

  • The image file isn't corrupted, has a supported extension, and is under 10MB.

  • Your internet connection is stable.

  • Browser extensions aren't interfering. Try uploading in Incognito mode or check your extensions.

Editing Image Settings

Access image settings by selecting the image element, you can then:

  • Update the image name and summary

  • Add tags to it

  • Select focus point.

  • Basic edits like: rotate, flip, crop, zoom in or out, and more

Adding Alt Text:

On the visual editor:

  1. Select the image.

  2. Open Image settings.

  3. Click the alt text field to add the content.

nilead platform - image settings

Dynamic Alt Text

For setting dynamic alt text for images:

  1. Select the image.

  2. Open Image settings.

  3. Click the "Mapping" checkbox and select the desired provider and property fields.

nilead platform - image dynamic alt text


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