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Google verification [↗] allows you to verify ownership of a domain so you can use the Google Search Console [↗] tools. Google search tools allow you to access Google search data and submit your sitemap to be indexed by Google.

Although you can verify your domain ownership in a number of ways, the method we describe here is the easiest way to verify your Nilead site.

Add your site to the Google Search Console

To add your website to the Google Search Console, you’ll need a Google account

  1. Go to the Google Search Console [↗] and log into your Google account

  2. Add a new property [↗] from the property dropdown

  3. Choose “URL prefix” and type in your domain with the https:// protocol (ex. https://www.domain.com)

  4. Choose the “HTML tag” option under other verification methods

  5. Copy the Verification ID (string of numbers and letters in between the quotations that appear after `content=”`). Don’t close the window!

Paste your ID in your Nilead plugin settings

In another browsing tab:

  1. Open your dashboard and go to your site’s Plugins configuration → Google

  2. Paste the verification ID you copied in the Google site verification field

  3. Save the changes

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Verify your site

Return to the Google Search Console and press “verify.”

If you’ve closed the property verification window, open the property dropdown and select the domain you want to verify. Choose the “HTML tag” option again and click “verify.”

Good to know

  • It is only necessary to verify your domain ownership once. If your domain has already been verified using another method, you will not need to use this method to verify it again.

  • If you want multiple users to verify ownership of your domain so they can access the Google Search Console, make sure that none of them overwrites any verification tokens of any other owners. It's recommended that they use another method to verify their ownership. Read Google's guide to learn more.

  • Google Search Console allows you to retrieve the HTML tag verification ID again if your site has already been verified. In the property dropdown, select your site's domain. Go to the Google Search Console settings. Choose “Ownership verification.” Choose the “HTML tag” option again and copy the Verification ID (string of numbers and letters in between the quotations that appear after `content=”`).

Submit your site to Google for indexing

Once the verification process is complete, you can submit your website to Google for indexing.

Note Google may automatically find your website through a link on another site, but verifying ownership and asking Google to index your site will get you on Google faster.


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