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Migration from Nilead platform

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Migrating to other platforms such as Wordpress, WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce can be done at any time.

In cases that you would like to migrate to another system, you can request cancellation of your website at any point. Upon your request we will deliver:

  1. Copy of your current data (sql format)

  2. Copy of your frontend code (html/css/js)

Migrating layout

While you can utilize the existing html/css/js code on your new platform, keep in mind that Nilead's templates are written in Twig so you may have to convert them to adapt to the new system.

Migrating data

We can export your current data as CSV or SQL files. The data will need to be adapted and transformed to fit the data structure of your new platform.

Migrating features

This is perhaps the most difficult thing. In some cases the new platform may have the exact features that Nilead platform has, in other cases it may have similar features that can be adapted.

NOTE Nilead is a powerful system with built-in CMS, eCommerce, CRM, Automation and Digital Marketing features. Moving out of Nilead meaning that you will have to look for alternatives and in many cases it may involve integrating multiple 3rd party services to have the features we offer all-in-one.

NOTE You can request copy of your data and frontend code at no cost from Nilead any time. We also provide paid migration services and consulting if you request.


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