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Adding and updating extensions

Extension is like a database to store your structured data. Different extensions signify different content types, and an individual piece of content within an extension is called an extension item.
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Add a new extension

The extension system allows you to do amazing things with Nilead platform and build truly dynamic websites. Normally you only have to create new extensions when you first build your website or when you change your website's structure.


We have created a video to show you step by step process to add a new extension:

  1. To complete the creation of your new extension, give it a name, choose a path for data name and URL structure, and create the data structure by adding custom fields and references.

  2. Extensions can be marked as private. Private extensions will not have corresponding front-facing pages automatically generated for them.

  3. For better performance, avoid having too many References (relationships) in your extension and deeply nested relationship.

Edit a current extension

After you've created extensions, you can edit them easily. We have created a document to describe the Extension Details so you know exactly the purpose of each configuration in the extension.

Delete a current extension

Note This action is irreversible

  1. Click the checkbox next to each existing extension to mark the entries you want to delete.

  2. Select the Delete action from the Bulk view dropdown.

extension - delete extension - Nilead platform
delete extension

Note If you want to delete an extension, you must first delete all entries created from that extension.

Manage your extension items

After your extension is created, you will find a new link in the corresponding section on your sidebar menu to manage the objects (data) for your new Extension. If you create a new extension based on Product, then the new link will appear in the eCommerce sidebar section.


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