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Managing your SEO Plugins

To manage your SEO plugins, on your Nilead admin, open the Quick Menu and search for Plugin.

plugins on quick menu

Simply edit the plugin you want to use, for example if you want to use Google Analytics you can insert your GA code and it will be printed out in the frontend.plugins - google - Nilead platform

General plugin

The general plugin allows you to edit the Global custom code and Service worker code.plugins - general - Nilead platform

Global custom code

You can add custom code and scripts that are applied to every page. This can be useful for adding additional HTML, CSS, Javascript and more.

Adding Custom HTML & CSS:

  • <link>: The <link> tag defines a link between a document and an external resource.

  • <meta>: The <meta> tag provides metadata about your site and should always go in the <head> code section.

  • <style></style>: The <style> tag defines CSS styles in your page.

  • <script></script>: The <script> tag allows you to embed Javascript in your page.

You can have different custom code:

  1. Header custom code: your custom code will be inserted before the closing </head> tag. Put your code here if it's meta tag code or anything that you want to load before the content of the page is rendered.

  2. Footer custom code: your custom code will be inserted before the closing </body> tag. Put your code here if something that can/should be delayed until the content of the page is rendered.

To add custom code for individual page, please refer to the Page Custom Code section in the Page's article.

Service worker

A service worker is a script that your browser runs in the background, separate from a web page, opening the door to features that don't need a web page or user interaction. Today, they already include features like push notifications and background sync.

NOTE `Service worker` is advanced feature for Power User. In most cases you should leave the setting as is and avoid touching it.

Google plugin

Google Analytics is a great way for tracking Visitors' interaction on your website and is free for most common usage. Google Tag Manager is especially useful for Marketers to track behaviors or embed code into the website.

plugins - google detail - Nilead platform

NOTE If you utilize Google Tag Manager (GTM), the platform will skip the GA/Yandex code to avoid conflicts. It will be up to you to insert tracking code such as Google Analytics, Yandex, etc. via GTM.

Before you decide to utilize Google Tag Manager, please do take note of several possible issues with it:

  1. We have noticed that GTM make the website load slower in general.

  2. Many ads-blockers block GTM and thus will also block anything you embed with GTM.

We suggest that you utilize the Page Custom Code and the Global Custom Code (see above) to embed code into your website. It is way more performance and customizable than GTM in many cases.

(Google App Id and Google App Secret are used for other purposes, no need to fill them in for SEO purposes)

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