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Password protect your site or web pages

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With the growing concerns over data privacy and security, it's more crucial than ever to ensure that your web content is accessible only to the desired audience. Whether you're trying to shield sensitive client prototypes, internal documentation, or just want to keep certain content private, Nilead Platform has got you covered. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to safeguard your content with password protection on Nilead.

Why Password Protect Your Web Content?

There are instances when you don't want your content visible to every web surfer. The simplest way to achieve this is by not publishing the content or disabling the particular page. But what if you want a middle ground? What if you want to share the content but only with specific individuals? Nilead's password protection feature is the answer

Password Protection on Nilead: Features At a Glance

  • Page-level Protection: Set unique passwords for individual pages, ideal for sharing with specific clients or audiences.

  • Full Site Protection: Control access to your entire website, especially useful for sites under testing or private demonstrations.

  • Custom Design: Tailor the design of your password page to maintain brand consistency.

  • Token vs. Restricted Access: Choose between link-based access (Token) or select user/user group access (Restricted).

How to password protect individual pages

You can set unique passwords on each site page. This is useful if you want to password protect pages to share with clients or a specific audience (e.g., internal documentation, sensitive client prototypes, etc.).

Steps to Password Protect Individual Pages on Nilead

  1. Navigate to the desired Page settings.

  2. Disable the Public switch.

  3. Activate the Protection section.

  4. Choose your security type - Token for link-based access or Restricted for select user access.

  5. Hit Save, and your page is protected!

page - protection - Nilead platform
Token vs. Restricted: Which Should You Choose?

The ideal choice depends on the intended use of the protected page:


page - protection - token - Nilead platform

Only users with the link will be able to access to the protected page.



page - protection - restricted - Nilead platform

The page will be only accessible for those users and/or user's groups that are selected on the settings.

Safeguarding Your Entire Website

If you're working on a website still in its development phase or wish to showcase a private demo, you can password protect the entire site. However, note that as of now, site-wide password protection is not available, but it's on Nilead's roadmap for future updates.


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