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Getting started with Nilead Contact

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Getting started with Nilead Contact

Implement an Inbound Marketing Platform
Nilead Contact is at the core of our Nilead Customer Hub, all your leads', prospects', customers' information is stored as contacts. You'll use the contact database to keep track of all the different people who have a relationship with your business, personalize every interaction you have with them, and attract more contacts like them.

A contact is anybody, your company markets, sells, partners, and engages with or employs (yes, in Nilead your staffs and your customers share the same data model). When involving both sales and marketing in your contacts strategy and having them use the same contacts database, you’re creating alignment and consistency with all parts of your inbound strategy that your contacts are interacting with.

Best practices

  1. Keep your contact database clean

  2. Create segmented lists and filters

  3. Manage the lifecycle stages to ensure consistency


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