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When it comes to emails, there are actually 2 different types of emails you need to operate your business:

  1. Outgoing emails: you will need to send out emails to acknowledge a contact request, or to notify the users of upcoming products etc.

  2. Incoming emails: you will need to receive emails from your clients regarding their requests, questions, etc.

Incoming emails

Nilead does not provide email hosting, and for good reasons. We have explained in the article 5 reasons for not hosting your own emails.

To summarize:

  1. Email hosting is difficult to setup correctly

  2. Securing emails is different than securing website

  3. Email hosting takes up precious hosting space

  4. Migrating emails when you switch host is a pain

  5. Emails on the same server with website is risky

We recommend you to host your emails with professional email hosting providers:

  1. Office 365: reasonable price, plenty of space, office apps included.

  2. Gsuite: reliable spam filtering along with all other Google services.

  3. Zoho: best email hosting on tight budget (with free plan available).

  4. Yandex: generous amount of space and accounts even for free users.

  5. Runbox: provides private, secure email hosting service in case you really want to go stealth (as they claim).

To create email accounts for your website such as [email protected] or [email protected], you need to register with one of the registrars above. If you need advice or help please contact our support.

Outgoing emails

You do not even need a real email account to actually send out emails, you can send out via:

  1. Your own email server: utilizing SMTP protocol to send outgoing emails directly via your email server. The great thing about this method is that it is completely free (kind of, because you already paid for your email server). The bad thing about it is that it is not suitable for mass email campaigns.

  2. We also support GMAIL API for clients who utilize Gmail/Gsuite service.

  3. Third party services: we integrate with Sparkpost and Amazon Email Service to provide bulk email sending capability. With these services you can send out hundreds of thousands of emails a day at ease.

Many email hosting providers such as Google has a rate limit of sending and receiving emails. If you do not plan to send out large amount of emails, you can safely use your own email server.

When your business grows, you may decide to utilize Sparkpost or Amazon SES if you need to:

  1. Send a large number of emails

  2. Have detailed reports about email delivery

  3. Have better chance of the emails landed inside inbox (instead of spam box)

Whichever method you choose, Nilead has built-in integration to support you. When we first setup your website for you, our technical team will work with you to setup the best email mechanism that works for your purpose.

Forwarding emails

There is a trick to have your own emails under your custom domain for a very low cost (almost free in most cases), that is Email Forwarding. It's quite technical so lets try to understand it step by step:

  1. The email address is just an address, once someone sends an email to that address then the email is sent to and saved inside your mailbox.

  2. What you usually pay for is actually the mailbox and the services that go with that mailbox (spams filtering, antivirus scans, backup, etc)

Since most of us already have at least one FREE mailbox with either one of the big providers out there (GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc...), what if we can just forward all the emails we receive at [email protected] to [email protected] for example?

It turns out you can do it exactly like that, and you can even do that for FREE (for now)

  1. ImprovMX (free)

  2. Pobox (premium)

  3. ForwardMX (premium)

There are a few more if you search for Email Forwarding Service.

The setup of these Email Forwarding Services is pretty straight forward but it does requiring getting into your domain and tweaking some small settings (MX records). If this sounds like gibberish to you, you can ask our Support Team for help.

It should be noted that Email Forwarding can only help you to receive the emails to your account, in order to send the email from your [email protected] account, you need to utilize Email Sending Service such as:

  1. SparkPost (free - premium)

  2. Amazon SES (free - premium)

Most of these services only allow sending out emails programmatically, however. Luckily, most email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird can be used to send out emails by integrating with the Email Sending Service in this case.

Nilead Platform also integrates with the 2 services above and provides a simple User Interface to send emails via them.

In summary, utilizing Free Email Forwarding Service and Email Sending Service you can get free emails (please note that all these services have limit of what you can get for FREE). Whether you want to go through all the troubles to do that or not is up to you. Email service is just so cheap these days that you may want to save time and just purchase a premium service.


What about newsletters service such as MailChimp or GetResponse? Newsletters services normally provide these features:

  1. Contact (emails) collection via forms

  2. Contact segmentation (filtering, grouping)

  3. Emails templates

  4. Emails mass sending

  5. Emails tracking (opening, clicking)

It's very easy to integrate your website with any Newsletter service providers, simply let our technical team know at the time we develop your website.

Alternatively, you can also utilize our built-in Customer Relationship Management system for that purpose.

Do you know that Nilead has a very powerful CRM system which also allow you to do many of the things these Newsletters service providers offer and more by deeply integrating with the website's features. Many of these features are not yet exposed to all customers because they are still in beta testing phase, talk to our support team to discover how we can help.


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